Be a mermaid and make waves with our new range of #needwantnow Collectable undie prints. Inspired by those mysterious and magical creatures that lurk beneath the crystal waters, our new release of underwear prints will instantly turn you into a mermaid who lives on the land.


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It’s not just mums who find the suddenness of parenthood a confusing, tiring and emotionally-turbulent time. Going from dude to dad is also a big adjustment – often in the waistband area. Forget what you’ve seen splashed across TMZ or the Daily Mail. Those images of a topless David Beckham jogging post-baby, without an ounce of love handle, isn’t what you see behind the closed doors of the average man’s bathroom. For many dads the reality is they don’t bounce back after childbirth. Why else has the term Dad Bod been invented?

That’s why this Father’s Day we’re asking you to really think of fathers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.51.07 pm

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If you’ve noticed we’re missing a couple of letters from our Bonds logo lately, don’t worry you’re not going bonkers. We’ve dropped our B and O in support of the International Missing Type campaign, run by our friends at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service who, alongside 25 other blood services from around the world, are on the hunt for new blood donors. Now, more than ever, the Red Cross needs you.


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