When it came to who would follow in Miranda Kerr’s giant footsteps from last year’s Bonds Swim campaign, we couldn’t look any further than Bonds girl, Shanina Shaik. The 26-year-old has fronted ads for Bonds before, and has since gone on to cement herself as a powerhouse in the industry, having walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a whopping five times! Now she is back for our latest Bonds Swim range, along with fellow model, Jay Alvarrez.

The pair hit the beaches of Malibu to model a variety of swim pieces. Shanina sported our latest range of mix and match bikinis, and one-pieces, while Jay tried out our newest collection of Bonds boardies, while he dabbled in a bit of surfing in between takes. Scroll on to see exclusive behind-the-scenes images from the shoot.

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To the new Dads, the old Dads, the tired Dads, the childish Dads, the jokey Dads, the grumpy Dads, and the Mums / Grandparents / Aunts / Uncles / Friends who double as Dads… Happy Father’s Day to you! đź’ť

Enjoy this sneak peek behind-the-scenes at our photo shoot with Jimmy Bartel and his beautiful son, Aston…

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Get ready for a class in cotton. It was the late 1920s, when Bonds founder, George A. Bond, turned to growing some of the first ever cotton in Australia in New South Wales. By the early 1930s, he’d opened Australia’s first-ever cotton spinning mill in Wentworthville, New South Wales. So, you can see when it comes to cotton, Bonds has history!

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When it came to sourcing cotton for our new range of Home Grown™ tees, there was no doubt as to who we’d call upon to help. Since only the purest cotton would do, we teamed up with Cotton Australia to tap into our local cotton farming industry and strengthen our commitment to sustainability. Producing some of the world’s purest cotton, there was no better resource than our Aussie farmers to help us achieve our softest, most colour-saturated tees to date.

All Australian cotton is farmed under a set of standards based on environmental and ethical practices and is fully traceable from farm to store. We met with local Darlington Point farmer, Scott Anderson, to discuss how the Aussie cotton farming industry has evolved over the years and why sourcing local materials is essential to ensuring its future.

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As an iconic Australian brand, we only had to look in our own backyard to find exactly what we needed to create our softest tees to date. Cotton is such an integral part of the Bonds’ business, to be able to source some of the world’s purest and most sustainable cotton was a key win for the design team behind the new range of Home Grown™ tees. With a focus on effortless basics, the Bonds innovation design team honed in on the simple things like elevating the details to tell the next chapter in the Bonds basics story.


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