We’ve put together some helpful hints to help you take the best possible entry pic, so your baby stands out from the crowds. You don’t need a fancy camera or studio lighting. Just some nice daylight, good angles and a happy little bub, and it’s a wrap!



  1. Tanya

    My baby is just 9 months now… What category to do you suggest I put her in? 0-9 months or 9 months-3 years

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Tanya, bub will automatically be placed in the right category when you enter their birthday. Bonds x

      • Carly

        Where can I enter bub for the wondersuit comp? Can enter both?
        Thanks 🙂

  2. courtney

    Hi Bonds,
    I’m trying to enter your competition but I can’t seem to find the entry page. Has it opened or is my clock a little fast?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Courtney, almost there, a few more minutes until midday. Thanks Bonds x

  3. kristy

    how do i upload a picture of my beautiful little man using my mobile?

  4. Rebecca Walkom

    Milo is the cuties child you will ever lay eyes on he is three months old and is the happiest bubba around town he wares the wonder suit to bed with a bonds singlet in a hot summer night he wares the pj set which I might add that he loves thank you. Bonds for the great range of clothing 😉

    • The Bonds Team

      🙂 Bonds x

  5. Catherine

    I have 2 great pic’s in mind, but they are action shots ( bub was laughing & on the move!) but one shows face great but to of head is not in pic & in both you can’t see below the waist & her eyes are closed – but they show her & her presonality well regardless – should entry pics have whole body? Do they have to have eyes open? Thanks for your help

  6. courtney

    Hi, I’m desperately trying to enter the competition. I can only use my mobile and when I go to upload a picture it won’t give me any options to choose an existing pic from my gallery. All it does is give me the option to take a photo now. How can I upload a pic from my gallery please!!!

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Courtney,

      Don’t worry there is plenty of time (12 days to enter). There should be a choose an photo option. Best idea is to contact customer and get them to help on 1800 054 321 (between 8:00am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday – Friday) or email Bonds x

  7. Jade

    Are you allowed to enter black and white photographs or strictly colour?
    Thank you!

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Jade, black & white photos are accepted. Bonds x

      • Jade

        Ok. Do they prefer colour though?

        • The Bonds Team

          Hi Jade, we can’t say what the public will vote for (hard to say) and the Bonds judges looks for clear photo of the bubs face with bright personality showing. Bonds x

  8. Rebecca

    Can Nz enter?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Rebecca, no unfortunately only Aussie bubs can enter. Bonds x

  9. Jacoba

    I am trying to enter my bub and on the entry form, it wont let me select queensland. Help?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Jacoba, I will let the tech team know – thank you. In the mean time you might need to contact customer service for help: 1800 054 321 (between 8:00am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday – Friday) or email Bonds x

  10. Jade

    Hi can my baby enter the age group & the woundersuit category ?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Jade, yes they can. You just enter as normal with bub in a Bonds Wondersuit and tick the Wondersuit category option and they will be entered into both. Bonds x

  11. Georgia

    Can you enter two categories with the same baby? ie wondersuit section and age category? or only one?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Georgia,

      You can only enter once (one photo). But if you enter bub with a Bonds Wondersuit (and tick the Wondersuit category) you will automatically enter both. Bonds x

  12. Christina

    Just conflicted between photos of my little one, i understand capturing ‘personality’ and ’emotion’ but I have a ‘make your heart melt’ photo showing a very thoughtful wide eyed face or do you only recommend cheeky/smiling photos as having the best chance? As he has both sides to him… Honest indication please!

  13. sofia

    just wondering how long it takes until the photo is uploaded?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sofia – do you mean photo approval? Please allow up to 24 hours. Bonds x

      • sofia

        Actually I loaded my daughter’s photo this afternoon in the category 0-9 months and I can’t seem to find the picture on the website. How long doesn’t it take to be viewed on the site

        • The Bonds Team

          Hi Sofia, please allow up to 24 hours for the approval process. Thanks Bonds x

  14. Tarran

    In your 0-9 months do the bubs have to be wearing a wondersuit?


    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Tarran, no – only if you want them to be eligible for the Wondersuit category. Bonds x

  15. Catherine


    Just wanting to know how long the entry confirmation email can take to come through.


    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Catherine, please allow up to 24 hours. Thank you. Bonds x

  16. Rebecca

    If i use a professional photo, do you give credit to the photographer. DO you get rights to the photo once i have submitted it?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Rebecca, professional photos must be shot by you and/or you own the copyright (as per our entry guidelines). Our terms of entry do provide that your entry becomes the property of Bonds – however that does not give us ownership of your photos. The photo will appear in the online competition gallery throughout the promotion and we may also use any entered photographs for the purposes of promoting this competition – but only in a reasonable and reputable manner. We don’t otherwise obtain any rights to use/replicate/distribute an entrant’s photo and as you retain copyright in the photo, members of the public and other companies cannot use/replicate/distribute your children’s pictures. Bonds x

  17. Tina

    Hi Bonds,

    Does best baby win by most voted for or does the bonds team pick the best pic?

  18. mazena

    hi, am i able to enter my daughter in both the wondersuit and baby search?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Mazena, yes but you can only enter with one photo and your daughter must be wearing a Bonds Wondersuit with the logo showing – and then she will be eligible for both categories. Bonds x

  19. Carla

    Hi! Does bubs have to be wearing bonds?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Carla,

      No – only if you want to enter them into the Wondersuit category and then the photo you enter they must be wearing a Bonds Wondersuit with the logo showing.

      Bonds x

  20. Carla

    Question answered above! Thanks

  21. Rochelle

    Do the newbies range qualify for the wondersuit category or does it have to be the old style wondersuit

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Rochelle, it must be a Bonds Wondersuit – old or new 🙂 Bonds x

  22. layla

    When do I get the code for 40% off? I just entered my son but im guessing I have to wait until I get email that entry is approved?? Thank you : )

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Layla, yes you will receive an email confirming entry approval and your coupon code, please allow 24 hours for this. Bonds x

  23. Kylie

    Hi, I was just wondering when does the compitions close? By what date do u need to have ur pics in and where do I get an entry form? Thanks Kylie x

  24. Sam

    My baby is born in Australia but an Indian citizen…is it still ok to upload his picture??

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sam, Bub and parents need to be residence of Australia to enter. Bonds x

  25. Courtney

    Hi bonds so is the winner chosen by how many votes the photo has or are they chosen by bonds (eg: what child/photo you like best) ?

  26. Vanessa

    Hi Bonds Team. Does my child nee to be wearing an item from this year’s new product line for the Wondersuit category?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Vanessa, to be eligible for the Wondersuit category bub needs to be wearing a Bonds Wondersuit – old or new. Bonds x

  27. Jo-Anne

    Above in reply to the question asked by Rebecca it was stated that professional photos must be shot by you and/or you own the copyright (as per our entry guidelines). I can see in the terms and conditions (10.) that “Entrants must own the copyright of the photograph uploaded or otherwise be entitled to use the photograph in this way.” The way I read this is that the parent/guardian does not need to own copyright of the professional photo, they may just have permission from the photographer. Is this correct?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Jo-Anne, you must have the copyright and or have permission to use. Bonds x

  28. Carmen

    Hi there I entered my son last night but have yet to receive an email to confirm whether his entry has been accepted. How long does it usually take?
    Regards Carmen

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Carmen, we ask that you allow 2 hours for approval confirmation. There have been some delays in approval as bubs have been entered in to Wondersuit category but are not wearing a Wondersuit. You can contact customer service on 1800 054 321 (between 8:00am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday – Friday) or email and they can look into it for you. Bonds x

  29. Rawan

    Hello! I’d like to enter my daughter in the competition! My husband is an Australian Citizen, I’m American – currently on a bridging visa for temporary residency, and my daughter was born here in Australia. Would she be eligible for the competition?
    Thanks xx

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Rawan, just checked with our legal team and you are all good to enter your daughter. Good luck. Bonds x

  30. Joy

    Hi there, just wondering if you can see that the bub is wearing a wondersuit for the wondersuit category is that ok? (eg there is a crease hiding the logo or you can see the start of the logo but not all) or does the logo need to be clear?
    Thanks 🙂

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Joy, it need to be clearly visible, but the team is very good at spotting a Wondsersuit – so it should get through. Bonds x

  31. Stormie

    Hey how do I enter my baby? And where can u find all the different categories?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Storm, you register your bub at – you just need to upload and photo and birthday and it will put bub into the right category. Bonds x

  32. emma

    With the bonds choice, does that mean there is only 1 winner in each category? Ive entered my lil fella and ive noticed alot of 10-36 mth olds.. bonds, u are goin to have fun picking just 1… there are some beautiful bubbas in there.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Emmma, yes it’s going to be tough – so many beautiful bubs. Bonds x

  33. Allison

    Hi, I entered my baby today, Cruz A, from Vic, and his entry appeared, and was approved. Then I decided to change the photo I used, so I resubmitted, and now he isn’t appearing anymore? There is one other Cruz A entered, but not mine?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Allison, if you change your pic your entry will need to be approved again, please allow up to 24 hours. Bonds x

  34. Rachael

    Hi, I’ve just entered my 11 month old son into the competition, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to ” share ” this so my friends and family know where to vote.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Racharl, voting opens on March 5 and once your entry is approved you will see the share icons under the image. Bonds x

  35. erica

    I have a great photo of bub, but her auntie is in the background. Is that acceptable or should the photo be solely of bub?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Erica, it’s best if bub is alone but that pic will be accepted. Bonds x

  36. Maria

    Hi, I have entered my 10 month daughter and I am trying to share her on Instagram however it does not post anything there. I am using a Samsung Note 2 to do it but I have also tried on the PC and the result is the same. Could you please advise?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Maria, sorry to hear that. Voting is not open until March 4 – not sure if that’s why it’s not working as yet. Please do contact customer service on 1800 054 321 (between 8:00am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday – Friday) or email and they can help. Bonds x

  37. Natalie

    Hi Bonds

    I am about to enter my son and realised that in the photo he is leaning forward and the wonder suit sign is only just visible. Can I submit it and if it isn’t good enough will it get sent back?? if so will I be able to re submit another photo??

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Natalie, that should be fine 🙂 Bonds x

  38. yvette fraser

    when does the contest closes?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Yvette, registration closes on March 3, voting opens on March 4, voting closes on March 25. Winners announced on April 3. Bonds x

  39. emma

    Hi bonds. I re entered my boy rocco b in 10-36 mth cat and he is wearing a wondersuit but it wont let me tick the wondersuit box. What to do? 😉 thankyou

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Emma, we checked on Rocca’s entry and he is entered into both his age and the Wondersuit Category. Bonds x

  40. Carolina

    What is the prize?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Carolina, the winners will each receive the following:
      a. the chance for their Entered Child to feature in and be part of the Bonds 2014 Baby advertising campaign to be created in April 2014 in Melbourne or Sydney (Shoot Location);
      b. a Bonds gift card allowing the winner to purchase goods having a recommended retail value of AU $300.00 either on line at or in a Bonds retail store. Gift cards are not redeemable in Bonds Outlet Stores, independent retailers or for goods purchased online for delivery outside of Australia. Gift cards must be used before the expiry date on the gift card which will be twelve months from the date of issue. Redemption of gift cards is subject to the terms and conditions of the issuer, including those specified on the gift card. Any costs in excess of the value of the gift card (including GST) and all ancillary costs associated with redeeming the gift card are the responsibility of the winner. In the event that the cost of the products booked by the winner is less than the value of the gift card, the balance of the value of the gift card will not be awarded as cash and the balance of the prize will be forfeited (subject to any issuer terms and conditions to the contrary). The Promoter shall not be liable for any gift card that has been lost, stolen, forged, damaged or tampered with in any way;
      c. return economy flights from their nearest capital city to the Shoot Location, and one night’s accommodation for the Entered Child and their parent or legal guardian (only for winners that do not live in the state in which the Shoot Location is located) in order for the Entered Child to participate in the Promoter’s 2014 Baby Search photo shoot. Flights and accommodation will be organized by the Promoter with an airline and hotel of the Promoter’s choice. Meals and necessary transfers will be provided for the Entered Child and their parent or legal guardian for the period of time that they are in the Shoot Location for the purposes of the Promoter’s photographic shoot. Travel insurance and transfers from the winner’s point of residence to their point of departure are not included, and any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the winner;
      d. an invitation for the Entered Child to participate in the Promoter’s 2014 Baby Search photo shoot to be held in the Shoot Location on a date to be nominated by the Promoter in April 2014 with a photographer chosen by the Promoter
      e. a framed photograph (8x10cm) of the Entered Child. Further prints may be purchased from the photographer at the photographer’s standard rates.
      Bonds x

  41. Jess

    Are you able to have A photo that has two pictures next to one another .. If that makes sense?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Jess, collages will be approved but one clear pic of bub is best. Bonds x

  42. Sam

    Hi bonds!!

    I have entered my daughters pic for the baby search but I have used a collage of her with 3 photos. I know there are no rules against this but am just wondering if she will be judged fairly because of it or if you’s would rather a single picture? Thanks 🙂

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sam, yes you are able to enter collages but we do prefer one clear pic of bub. Bonds x

  43. Mandy

    Hi I couldn’t fit bubs pic so it’s ended up showing sideways…will this affect the judging of it? Because I could crop it but didn’t really want to….Cheers Mandy

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Mandy, that is fine – no problem at all. Bonds x

  44. Sally

    Hi, my son loves taking pics almost 8 months old amazing personality in pics I have submitted him in the normal category but I took a really nice wonder suit photo tonight , can I enter him in wonder suit also ? You’ll love his pictures he gets lots of feedback all the time for his poses and big smile 🙂

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sally, you can edit your bubs entry during the registration phase. You will need to update the photo and tick the Wonder option – you can only enter with one photo. Once you have entered the Wondersuit category you are automatically in both categories. Bonds x

  45. Kirsitn

    Hi, I am entering my son in the wondersuit category. The photo clearly shows that he is wearing a Bonds wondersuit, however the logo is not clearly visible. The guidelines say that the wondersuit logo must be clearly visible, however the competition T&C’s just say the baby needs to be wearing a wondersuit (does not mention that the logo must be visible). Will my entry be disqualified from the wondersuit category if the logo is not visible?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Kirstin, the team should be able to tell it’s a Bonds Wondersuit no problem. If not you can contact as us on here and we can update for you. Bonds x

  46. Mona

    Hi there!
    I’m just conforming – does baby need to be wearing bonds in the photo? X

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Mona, only if you want bub to be eligible for the Wonder category then they need to be wearing a Bonds Wondersuit. Bonds x

  47. serpil cackic

    Hello, I really want to join my ten month old, but having trouble registering, do u have a contract number I can reach you on? Look forward to your responds thanks

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Serpil, sorry to hear that. Yes you can contact customer service on 1800 054 321 (between 8:00am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday – Friday) or email and they can help. Bonds x

  48. Brooke Kennedy

    Hello, I’ve tried to upload a pictutre of my baby, when I go to crop the picture its not allowing me to crop the whole picture, just her head. Can you please help? Thank you

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Brooke, sorry to say the crop size is set at that crop – this is the same for all. Bonds x

  49. Cassie

    Can I enter a collage picture or does it have to be one single face/picture

    I can’t deciede 🙁

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Cassie, we do accept collage but we prefer once clear pic of bubs face. Bonds x

  50. karen

    Is there any way to see how many votes your child has received? Thanks.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Karen, so the competition remains fun and fair, votes will be hidden. There will be a daily preview of the top 20 voted for babies of the day, shown on the Baby Search homepage. This tally changes each day depending on the number of votes each entry receives per day. The shortlist, which includes babies selected by both the People’s Choice and Bonds’ Choice will be announced on Thursday 27th March 2014. Bonds x

  51. Belinda

    Is it to late to put my baby in?if not how do I do it?

    • The Bonds Team

      HI Belinda, entries are now closed. Sorry. Bonds x

  52. Sam

    Hi bonds!!

    Can you tell me why when I share my daughters entry her photo doesn’t show only the red 40% off image does?? Thanks! 🙂

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sam, some of the links are having trouble, we are working with Facebook to try to fix this. I believe you can manually change the image by using the faint grey arrows in the corner over the image. Hope this helps. Thank you. Bonds x

      • Sam

        Ok great! Thanks heaps!
        Nope the only arrow I see is on the Facebook post and it either edits the post (what I have written) or deletes it 🙁
        Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

        • The Bonds Team

          Hi Sam, if you re-post the link there should be arrows under the text that say: 1 of 2 Choose a thumbnail. We can email a screen grab to you if you need? Bonds x

  53. Thada

    Hi I entered my baby and have been approved. When I search my baby , I couldn’t find her so as all my friends????

  54. hayley

    Hi just wonderin how do ya entre ya baby in the bonds baby 2014 and put pics up. can someone please tell me.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Hayley, sorry to say Bonds Baby Search 2014 is now closed for entries. Bonds x

  55. Chantelle Tasso

    Dear bonds and readers

    Modest mum here check out Marley Grace L in 0-36 months if your child isn’t in that category vote her she has a cheeky personality but is the most content easy going child you have ever met. Bubbly and happy. I can keep a pair of sunglasses on this child for hours.. She’s not your typical little bubba… But hey I’m just her mum. Check her out for yourself her photo speaks for it’s self 😉 cheers

    One last attempt to give to my chantelle

  56. Chantelle Tasso

    Give my child my all

  57. Walter

    Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

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