Olivia White is one of Australia’s most raved about mummy bloggers. While raising her two young daughters, she runs the hugely popular House of White, where she shares the struggles, triumphs and every day realities of life with young children. So who better to mine the mind of when it comes to Baby Search tips?


Product featured: Zip Wondersuit in Sketch Leopard

What has being a mum taught you?

Being a mum has taught me so much! Not just about myself, but about the world around me. The main things that comes to mind would be devotion, selflessness and unconditional love –  I don’t think you truly don’t know what that means until you have a baby.


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Why did you start blogging and how has your approach changed over time?

I first began to blog as a way to connect and share with other mums. Being a younger mum I didn’t have many people immediately around me to talk to so I found myself following other mums and comparing war stories and it really just took off from there. I think fundamentally my approach has stayed the same. I still use it as a way to connect and share with other mums. I truly believe in the saying ‘it takes a village’ and I’m very fortunate to have grown a big village via this online community!


Product featured: Outerwear Onesie in Salt and Pepper.

How do you juggle your blogging life with your mum life?

I think you’ve nailed it with the word ‘juggle’ because that’s literally what it feels like. Sometimes I don’t know how I keep the balls in the air, and sometime I certainly drop them. However, I am very fortunate that my babies and motherhood are my subject matter, so that means all my jobs are kind of rolled into one.


Product featured: Outerwear Onesie in Salt and Pepper.

On an average day what would we find you and your little ones dressed in?

Well, I’ll be the first to admit I go for ‘ease and comfort’ so most days it’s a simple tee and shorts for Annabelle with *shudder* a pair of crocs (they are just too easy for kids) and Teddy lives in a Bonds Zippy.

What’s your no-fail mama uniform?

Activewear (shocking I know!)

What are your go-to babywear items?

You just cannot go past a Zippy for bubs – so easy, yet so cool!


Product featured: Retro Ribs Wondersuit in Bonds Original.

What are your favourite pieces from our latest range and why?

Oh, I am totally crushing the Retro Ribs Zip Wondersuits! I have a total obsession with anything 80s and 90s and I just wish these prints and styles came in adult designs. The outerwear onesies are so cute too – a must have for all stylish bubs.

What tips do you have for entering Bonds Baby Search?

I am no photography expert by any means, but one thing I’ve learnt along the way is lighting. It is so important to have good light. Also, when taking close-up portrait style photos I suggest removing any distractions or clutter in the frame – it makes for a much nicer photo. I’d also say don’t force it; try and capture your bub in the moment doing something they love, it will shine through.

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  1. Rachael Jones


    I have entered the bonds baby search, and have not received a confirmation email. Unfortunately I also did not take note of the reference number. Can someone please assist?

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Rachael, thanks for reaching out. It normally takes 24 hours for a bub to appear online. If you cannot see your bub there head over to our PM on Facebook and we can help you out. Thanks, Bonds x

  2. Sabina

    Hi, can I still enter my Baby Girl in Bonds baby search
    Thank you

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Sabina, thanks for the comment. There are some delays with emails being sent out due to the high volume of votes. Hold tight! They will be on their way soon. Bonds x

  3. Kaitlyn Carstairs

    I want to please put my baby in the bonds competition!

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Kaitlyn, unfortunately it is too late to enter but keep an eye out for Baby Search 2018! Bonds x

  4. Holly

    Hi just want to no how do we see how many votes our entires have or can’t u see that??

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Holly, we don’t notify people of their vote tally just to keep things fair. Bonds x

  5. Stephen

    Is there any chance to know how many votes for our bub has already gathered at this time. Thanks

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Stephen, good question! We do not disclose number of votes just to keep things fair. Bonds x

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