Schools back and that means one thing… rushed mornings to get the kids ready and pack their lunches! Our nutrition expert, Julie North, has got a few quick tips to making the lunch rush a little easier. Check it out below…

Food On The Go

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So you’re popping out and that easy task of just packing a bag and getting out the door seems….  endless! But it does pay to take a few moments to gather some snacks. It can be hard to find food your little one will happily eat that’s nutritious too. Don’t forget to pack something for yourself!

Keep some of these at home so they’re easy to grab or prepare:

Mini boxes of raisins (to be dropped all through your car)
Bananas, blueberries, grapes (cut in half for young kids)
A squeeze pouch of fruit or yoghurt
Small sized cereal & fruit bars
Salami sticks
Sliced cheese and some crackers
Small sandwiches: peanut butter, marmite or cheese & ham
Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes
Data loaf or banana loaf
Small cheese or fruit muffins

And don’t forget the water bottles!



Julie is a NZ Registered Dietitian and mum to two young busy boys. For many years she worked in child health and nutrition with Heinz across Australia and NZ, advising on nutrition standards for foods, and providing information for parents and caregivers. She has also been a member of government advisory groups on foods appropriate in early childhood and school settings.

It is easy to be idealistic about healthy diets, but feeding young kids is not always easy at all! Julie believes in trying to get it right 80% of the time. She encourages her boys to help in the kitchen and baking chocolate chippie biscuits is a favourite. Meal times and food are a great pleasure in life and eating well should be fun. And it should taste great too!

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