How to make a blanket fort //

Unknown-6Looking for the perfect activity for kids and parents to get involved in together? Whatever the age of either, we guarantee that everyone loves a good blanket fort…

They’re easy to build and always really fun to play in! Once inside it can make anything you’re doing seem that much more fun, whether that’s reading, playing board games, watching a movie or just telling stories.

You can either use a piece of furniture to hold your fort up (bunk beds and dining tables are ideal for this) ((using chairs facing inwards works but do tend to be more collapse prone)) or you can go the route of the teepee style blanket fort. The idea for this guide started when we did our 5 Indoor Activities for Little Kids post and then someone in the office was showing off their pics from a blanket fort building session from the weekend, we all loved them so much that we just had to share.

What you will need:

Fairy Lights (optional) – it’s best to use low voltage LED lights with kids
Decorations (optional)
Mattress or sofa cushions to use as the base (optional)
Blankets or a sleeping bag if it’s cold or for sleeping (optional)

How to do it:

1. First off, you need to scout for your perfect fort building area and just in case you’re going to keep it up for a while make sure it’s not in the way of anything. Now you’re going to want to get all of your supplies together.

Optional extra: add some glow in the dark lights to the ceiling to make a sparkling ‘sky’ for your fort.


2. Stick the hooks to the ceiling in a square formation, the distance apart will depend on how much room you have and how big you want your fort to be. Make sure you leave them to set for a bit before you hang anything off them.


3. Thread the string around the hooks like so:


4. Peg a sheet on each side of the fort, making sure to have some overlap to avoid any gaps in your walls.


5. Remember to allow for a ‘door’ so you can get in and out easily.


Optional extra: add some fairy lights to make your blanket fort a bit more magical.


Optional extra: add some streamers, vines and lamps to customise your fort.


6. Enjoy (for as long as you’re allowed to keep it up for)!


Thanks to Ash for all the photos 😀

There are some amazing pics out of there of DIY blanket forts that other people have made, if you’re looking for more inspiration just head to the web.

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