Who knows more about changing nappies than the hand-eye coordination experts over at Huggies? No one, that’s who. Wrangling the wrigglers while you whack on a nappy isn’t exactly a skill we’re all born with. It’s a skill we’re taught, usually at the time we’re thrust into parenthood, clueless and terrified. So, to help demystify the skill of bum wrapping we asked Huggies for their best nappy-changing tips to turn you into a nappy changing pro 👊

Changing your toddler’s nappy takes on a whole new meaning when they discover their legs and are far too busy to stop and lie down for a nappy change. This active toddler stage often coincides with your toddler’s developing independence and the use of the word ‘no’.

Here are a few tips to help you through this phase:

+ Make nappy change time a game. See how high you have to count before you are all finished.

+ Play a mystery game and place an object under the Nappy-Pants and have your toddler hold it with their eyes closed while they step into their nappy-pants.

+ If they are busy with an activity give them a simple choice. “Would you like to change your nappy-pants now or when you have finished colouring in that star?”

+ Get them involved by making it their job to go and get the new nappy from it’s pack.

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– Images via Paulie Eaborn @mrs_paulie_

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