If you enjoy nothing more than to wander wistfully around a stationery shop “oohing” and “aahing” at all the beautiful things, then hop on over to NoteMaker. It’s a virtual paradise for stationery lovers. Which is why we had to ask them all about their favourite school supplies for girls. NoteMaker have rounded up a few of their back to school essentials, along with some Bonds must-haves to get your mini one ready for brand new term.


Product featured L – R: Decomposition Book, Herschel Hanson Backpack, Moleskin Set of 2 Notebooks, Kids Logo Socks (coming soon!), Girls Hipster Bikini (coming soon!), Girls Hipster Pullover CropLAMY ABC Fountain Pen, Paperways Sticky Note LabelsAppointed Classic Eraser, Rhodia Premium PencilPalomino Blackwing Colours Pencil Set.


Like what you see? Here’s your chance to WIN this back to school pack. To enter, simply leave a comment below this blog post and tell us why your little one needs this pack. Winners will be announced on Monday 23rd January 2017. Click here for further terms & conditions.


  1. louisa

    My sweet little things needs sweet little things to not only stay organised, but also to feel comfortable when doing it. She has issues with the feel of some things but we know and trust bonds to be ok for her.

  2. Chloe Heatherill

    I would love to win this awesome prize pack to share between my 3 gorgeous nieces- Gemma (10), April (8) and Eliza (5). Gemma has started wearing Bonds croptops now (she thinks she is sooooo grown up!) and her feet are growing at an alarming rate, April loves to write horror stories and practice maths equations, and Eliza is starting primary school this year and would love some special new stationery now that she is a big school girl. The perfect prize to start off the 2017 school year!!

  3. Jessica

    It will be her first year of primary school and she is so excited and nervous. This would ease her mind a bit 🙂

  4. Judith Maunders

    My little one just asked for a bikini, so heading back to school with a bikini top would be a good start. She also loves drawing and creating – my pens and sticky notes are constantly disappearing (and ending up in her room) so having a stock of her own would be ideal. And a bag to store her stuff or to use for our day trips out and about? Icing on this prize cake!

  5. Belinda Shipley

    My little miss Artie girl is 7 and would be so thrilled to win this Bonds pack which includes all her favs new undies, ankle socks, backpack and of course her favourite of all pencils and note books, she loves to draw and gifts everyone she knows with drawings or cards she hand makes

  6. Kylie Doyle

    I’d love to give my little girl this gift before her first day back, she has a auditory processing disorder and finds learning so hard I don’t want her spirit crushed from difficulty so giving her something special on the day would be lovely

  7. Bella

    Because mummy is poor but wants to give her daughter everything

  8. Belinda Shipley

    My little miss is 7 and would be thrilled to win this pack as it contains all her favourite things especially the pencils and note books. She is a little artist and loves to draw and make cards that she gives to everyone she knows

  9. Belinda Shipley

    Miss 7 would love to win this pack, she is a little artist and loves to draw pictures and make cards for everyone she knows.

  10. Steph Leah

    I would love to win this pack for an 11 year old who really needs her first bra. Her parents haven’t bothered to get her one and I don’t feel like I have the right to step in a get one for her. So if I win this pack, I see there is a crop top type thing in there. Giving her this pack would be a perfect way of getting the crop top to her 🙂

  11. Michelle

    What a way to start the new school year, new beginnings at a new school for our girl and what better than to do it with cool (useful!) stuff from two of our favourite brands. We’d love it!

  12. Ange

    Miss 10 would love this to pack her school things, colour coordinate and be ready for year 6!

  13. Nataly Hurwitz

    It is my darlings 1st year at school. She LOVES stationery, drawing, colouring, anything arty. And we are Bonds girls and boys through and through in this family. Would love to win! Thank you

  14. Penne Ann

    All the necessary essentials when going back to school. My daughter will be organised with this gorgeous pack from Bonds. Ready and willing to take on the new year in the most delightful way.

  15. Nic

    I have two girls who love their bonds!! Never can be too organised when you are a full time working mum trying to get the kids organised in the morning Bonds is a reliable brand you can trust! Would love to start the new school year on a positive vibe Thanks Bonds!

  16. Meg

    I would love to win this beautiful prize pack for my daughter Caity. She only wears bonds and being the only girl with 3 brothers, it’s nice to have something special, just for her.
    Thank you bonds

  17. Jamie Hendle

    My Daughter would love this for her activities after school, she does tap and musical theatre and this would be the perfect pack for her uniform and includes things that will keep her occupied whilst she’s waiting 🙂

  18. Jayne

    My little one would love this as her 1st school pack, more special if it’s won & she loves Bonds

  19. Kylie Connor

    My daughter loves stationery & bonds. Both essential items to return to school. She is going into year 4, loves writing stories, organising her books & notepads & wears her bonds undies & crop tops every day. Thanks for the chance to win

  20. Feroza

    Maybe my little one might want to go to school if she had new things to look forward to taking to the big scary school.

  21. Carol

    I would love to win this to give to my grand daughter she loves everything pink loves to colour and loves to be organised

  22. Karen viedt

    My daughter who is 10, LOVES all things stationery and writes and draws constantly. All happening while wearing her comfortable Bonds underwear. There is never enough……..

  23. Sophie

    This pack would be perfect for a 12 y/o student of mine, about to start her last year of primary school. She finds some clothing uncomfortable due to her autism, so comfy socks, crop top and undies would be great for her. She loves all stationary, and new pens really motivate her to write – which is something she used to avoid doing. She would love the bag and notebooks too because purple is her favourite colour!

  24. Darcy

    My darling red headed niece (age 8) will fall in love wih this pack! She loves clothes.. and crafts! She is my little helper with my babies.. and we really appreciate her!

  25. Freda

    My daughter (11) just loves how this is all colour coordinated, and it will help her be organised as well as be comfortable and feel all grown up!

  26. Jetissah

    Because it is a wonderful pleasure to treat a child with beautiful things. To watch how they receive a tool and use it their own creative way. Because not all girls can go to school esp out on a cattle station but they all deserve that new start of the year feeling. And all girls deserve the opportunity to practice using and looking after good quality gear.
    Because Aussie businesses are something we can be proud of; Bonds and Notemaker standing proud together!

  27. Antoinette

    My daughter is entering her first vce year at school (the time has come, and I’m not too sure who is more sacred, me or her!) This pack would be the perfect year 11 kit and hopefully motivate those brain cells of hers to do wonders!

  28. Samara McRae

    My little one needs this to make going back to school an exciting time. It’s always hard to get the kids excited about school after such great holidays, but this would make it so much more fun and that bit more sweet.

  29. Hanna

    Great products, great quality, great brands! This is why my daughters need this pack.

  30. Jac

    My kids would love this because we LOVE stationery and we LOVE Bonds!

  31. Maree

    There’s been Bonds for me, Bonds for my kids, Bonds for my grandkids and scary to say one day they’ll be Bonds for my great grandkids one day. You can’t beat an icon.

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