Isabel Simundic is no stranger to Bonds undies. As a big time Bonds bralette wearer, the former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant was the perfect choice to star in our new Mash Up women’s underwear campaign. We caught up with Izi to ask her ALL the questions, including the one thing people would be surprised to learn about her.

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Providing the pumping jungle-esque soundtrack to our new Mash Up undies interactive video, we couldn’t resist the chance to interview producer/DJ, Ribongia. Born in Italy and based in Sydney, Ribongia (real name: Antonio Rosselli Del Turco) talked us through how he came up with his stage name, which means “chaos or disarray” in Italian slang, and where his love of music first began.

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As a busy mama, photographer, illustrator (have you checked out her amazing work on Instagram yet?) Thu Pham knows a thing or two about navigating a jungle. Which is why we were quick to send her, and her adorable toddler, Banksii, our latest Disney range, The Jungle Book.

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What exactly does a designer wear day in and day out? Well, if you work for Bonds (and are about six months pregnant) your wardrobe tends to comprise of items that are both cool and comfy. We followed Bonds designer, Monique Luchterhand, on a day in her creative life – watch the video here. From morning to night, we shadowed Monique’s day from her Sydney beachside home to the office where she, and the rest of the Bonds Innovation team, dream up new and exciting creations.



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A beach babe at heart, Monique Luchterhand is a Bonds designer who brings her own unique vision to an iconic Aussie brand. From her local beach to the Bonds Sydney office, where she unleashes her creativity on a daily basis, we traced Mon’s steps on a typical day in her creative life as part of our inspiring For Aussies by Aussies video series.


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