Now here’s a fella who knows a thing or two about love. Richie Strahan stole our hearts when he starred as The Bachelor earlier this year. But it was contestant Alex Nation, who ultimately stole his heart and the two eventually rode off into the sunset (okay, not really) to live happily ever after.


We recently caught up Bachie Rich, who also turns out to be a bit of a Bonds fan, to ask him all about his summer loves…

With Christmas just around the corner, can you tell us what you love most about the summer holidays?
Spending time in the sun and getting down to the beach with family and friends!

Do you have favourite summer holiday destination?
In Western Australia we are spoiled with amazing places but one that is a favourite would be Bunker Bay.

Do you have a favourite summer anthem/song?
I’ve been enjoying April Sun in Cuba by Dragon lately.

How will your family celebrate Christmas this year?
It’s just Mum, my sister and I so we like to do a picnic somewhere just the three of us.

What’s one thing we would find on your Christmas Day menu?
Seafood – we love our seafood!

Do you prefer socks or jocks in your Christmas stocking?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received, and why was it so great?
One Christmas I got a Super Nintendo – as a kid it was amazing!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
I bought my sister a holiday to Bali – that was pretty good.

Do you have a go-to gift if you’re not sure what to give someone?
Clothes, I always get my sister something from a designer she likes!

We heard you’re a fan of Bonds; can you tell us your favourite item is?
Bonds undies – seriously comfy undies!

All I want for Christmas is… 
KTM 350 EXC Braaaap!

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