Here at Bonds, we can’t seem to get enough of bashing around the Aussie bush to help raise funds for super-worthy causes. This time, it’s the Variety Club who we’re helping to get behind by sponsoring a team to take on the 2015 Variety Dick Smith Bash from Bass Hill to Bunbury.

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The Variety Club Bash is Australia’s largest annual motoring event with participants hitting the road in parts of rural Australia to raise money for disadvantaged and special needs children. Along the way, they visit local towns and schools to meet the kids they’re helping to raise much-needed funds for.


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Our enthusiastic Bash crew included Muzza, Chris, Brian and Scott who, in their trusty car ‘Frankie Valiant & The Four Seasons,’ decked out in the Bonds logo, embarked on the adventure earlier this month. Completing the nine-day 4,500 km journey from Bass Hill, NSW to Bunbury, WA, the guys visited 18 townships and communities in remote areas. Despite the mechanical challenges they faced, in total the guys raised a staggering $38,000 for the Variety Club. A mammoth effort for a hugely worthy cause!

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To find out more about the event or to donate to this worthy cause, check out

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