For many designers, the opportunity to work on a brand like Bonds can be game changing. For Monique Luchterhand, from the Bonds Innovations team, fashion design was something she was always attracted to even as a young girl. As one of the four creatives we’ve been following in our For Aussies by Aussies video series, we sat down with Mon to ask her what kick-started her passion for design and what Bonds items she can’t live without.

When and how did your passion for design begin?

I grew up in a pretty creative household as my mum is a designer and dressmaker so I was always surrounded by colourful fabrics, trims and fashion imagery. She would make things for me all the time and I was always very specific about what I wanted, even from a young age. I would sit in for fittings and sometimes sketch ideas for her clients so I guess design problem solving was something I was exposed to at a young age and is a way of thinking that comes very natural to me. Also I’m a Virgo, so intuitively I like to surround myself with beautiful things, therefore, design and the arts is an area I was always drawn to.

What has been your biggest career or personal highlight to date?

I’m pretty sure having a baby this coming July is going to be a pretty significant personal highlight. 😉

What do you love most about Bonds bombers?

I love the ease and versatility of the Bomber jacket. The indigo denim fabric gives it a cool factor without trying too hard. Also, it’s super comfortable which is a bit of a priority for me these days with my growing baby bump!

Besides bombers, what are you go-to Bonds essentials?

My go-to essentials are simple monochrome crop tops and T-shirts. I use them as laying pieces to pair back with the other more colourful elements of my wardrobe.

Which three songs are always at the top of your playlist?

At the moment Michael Kiwanuka’s new album, ‘Love & Hate,’ is up there (I just saw him at Blues fest and his voice blew me away), Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Gypsy’ is never far from the top of my search list and Kaytanada’s ‘Together,’ for morning good vibes.

What five items would you take to a desert island?

This is hard hmmm… in no particular order:
Some sort of music playing device.
Matches to light a fire.
A saucepan for cooking.
My husband.
Lots of chocolate.

What piece advice do you wish you’d known when starting out?

I read a quote recently about creatives having ‘good taste’ and realised as a designer this is one attribute that can be your secret weapon. It makes you stand out from the pack, differentiates you from other designers in a job interview. Experience is something you can gain over time, but ‘good taste’ is something you instinctively have as a creative, you just have to nurture it so you can fully back it. The advice I wish I had when starting is: take the time to read, explore, listen, collect and feast on the world to really hone in on your personal taste.  Find out what you like and don’t like and what excites you visually.  This will evolve over time, but being aware of it, that’s your secret weapon.


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