As someone who lives and breathes his work Steen Jones is a self-described ‘artist, adventurer, dreamer and achiever.’ A fearless freelance artist, and founder of Few and Far Collective, the graffiti-inspired creative uses everything from his body to murals as his canvas. We caught up with Steen, one of the creatives featured in our For Aussies by Aussies video series, to find out what inspired his passion for making art and what one piece of advice he wishes he knew before starting out.

When and how did your passion for art begin?

If I had to pinpoint a particular time, it would have been around the time I started getting tattooed – so 18 years old. I always enjoyed drawing and painting “growing up” however, I’d say my real passion began when I started collecting tattoo’s as It really seemed to spark around that time. Looking back, I’m not sure if it was because I was somewhat obsessed with tattoo’s at that time, or if it was my first real encounter hanging within a creative space other than school – either way, I’m just grateful it happened for whatever reason because I’ve never looked back and couldn’t be happier!

What has been your biggest career or personal highlight to date?

Woah, this a hard one. I mean, I will never forget my first commission (thanks Alison!) or my first domestic (thanks Sailor Jerry AUS) or international (thanks Sailor Jerry US) trips but I’d have to say my biggest highlights would be working closely with not only a lot of my favourite brands and artists but some of the world’s biggest and leading. Bonds is a fine example!

What do you love most about Bonds trackies?


Besides trackies, what are you go-to Bonds essentials?

I live in the briefs, literally.

Which three songs are always at the top of your playlist?

Tough one. The Weeknd, Action Bronson and Rufus have been on heavy rotation as of late.

What piece advice do you wish you’d known when starting out?

Bad days only last a day. Don’t be afraid to experiment and it’s okay to make a “mistake”.

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