She’s an Aussie girl, a global superstar and oh so fancy (but you already knew that!) and now Iggy Azalea is the new face of Bonds. Iggy joins Bonds as we continue to celebrate our 100th birthday with the launch of a brand new basics range.

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Born and bred in Sydney, Iggy grew up in New South Wales’ Mullumbimby before moving the U.S. at the age of 16 to pursue her dreams of one day becoming a rap musician. Today, she is one of the world’s most recognisable female rappers, becoming the first artist since The Beatles to rank at number one and two on the charts simultaneously. She is also the fourth solo female rapper ever to top the Hot 100. Not bad for a 24-year-old!

As well as having a loyal music following with her ‘Azaleans,’ Iggy is also known for being a style chameleon who oozes body confidence. As a great role model for women and a long-time fan of Bonds, who grew up wearing Bonds hoodies and undies, Iggy’s down-to-earth attitude makes her the perfect fit for Bonds.


To further mark our 100th birthday, Iggy fronts BONDS100 our new basics range that’s anything but basic. Instantly recognisable, BONDS100 features statement-making monochrome, logo waistbands and eye-popping prints that are sure to liven up any wardrobe. We’ve taken our most-loved styles and revamped them by mixing black-and-white basics with uniquely bold Aussie tropical and wildflower prints. It’s a new era of Bonds and a celebration of #BONDS100.

A pre-release of the BONDS100 range hits stores and online soon. To find out when it drops and is available to shop, sign up to Bonds & Me for all the latest updates.


  1. Cait

    I am so happy to see this! She is one of my favourite musicians and bonds is my favourite underwear brand. She’s the perfect person to be one of the beautiful faces and bodies of bonds.

  2. Tammerly @ Spoilt blog

    LOVE Iggy, what a great choice! She has a fabulous body, she is real and relates to many Australian females.

  3. Bae

    She hates australia. Not a wise marketing choice.

    • JJ

      ^@Bae: No she doesn’t, quit hating.

  4. Andrew

    Woah!!….. the Bonds girl with chunky legs.


      ummmm, hold up. ur gonna talk about her perfect legs, how could you even think about that, u would be blessed to have them. Just stop hating bro

  5. Shawn

    Shes such a damn fake trying to be down you can have her. although as fake as half of americans are I guess she fits right in especially in the conceited capaital of the world LA. I wish the girl next door was an average aussie girl life would be so much more interesting and I wouldn’t have to spend 2k to come there.

  6. Bubbles

    One has to question,” Why has BONDS decided to have Iggy Azalea the new face for their latest campaign? ” Yes, she has a pretty face, a cute figure and some would say she is bootylicious. However,Iggy does not eptomize Australian women, her rapping is expletive, and her videos are explicit. No! she is not a great role model for women Bonds! Thought Bonds was more family orientated ie: Bonds baby search etc… guess this nanna wont be running around in her cottontails no more #@* 🙂 xxx


    Stop hating you haters, everything happens for a reason, if Iggy got picked as the face of BONDS, then so be it, why you mad. She killed it anyway, its all on point, how could you even hate, she’s perfect for it. Anyways, I’m not trying to throw shade, I’m just saying. Keep shining Iggy xx

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