It’s not just mums who find the suddenness of parenthood a confusing, tiring and emotionally-turbulent time. Going from dude to dad is also a big adjustment – often in the waistband area. Forget what you’ve seen splashed across TMZ or the Daily Mail. Those images of a topless David Beckham jogging post-baby, without an ounce of love handle, isn’t what you see behind the closed doors of the average man’s bathroom. For many dads the reality is they don’t bounce back after childbirth. Why else has the term Dad Bod been invented?

That’s why this Father’s Day we’re asking you to really think of fathers.

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That trusty Scratchie ticket and hardware store voucher simply won’t cut it. Celebrate dad no matter what shape he’s in by making him feel more comfortable.

Get him to ditch those faded, holey undies, which saw him through the restless nights and bleary days of feeding (at the fridge) and replace them with a pair of soft and stretchy Bonds trunks – perfect for the father for whom picking a wedgie has become a professional pastime.

His life changed after he had a family, so give him the gift of changing his undies.

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  1. Peter

    Clever commercial with models who resemble the average man in body shape. It would have been a great vehicle to showcase Bonds’ variety of styles in men’s underwear and not just trunks. Personally my choice of underpants has always been Bonds S’ports briefs there really isn’t anything more comfortable. Although it’s a good commercial I hope it doesn’t influence my family to get me trunks for father’s day

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