Blogger Oliva White (@houseofwhite_) and co. may just have the cutest pumpkins in the patch. We found out what Olivia is up to this Halloween, who they’re getting spooky with and if they’re up for a night of sugar-filed trick or treating!

Are you joining in on the Halloween festivities this year?

Absolutely!! I think anything that involves dressing up and candy is a darn good reason to be festive!

Who are you celebrating Halloween with?

Both Annabelle & Teddy are in daycare and have some lovely little friends they can get dressed up with, which is super cute!

Are you going trick or treating?

This will be our first year as the girls were a bit too little previously. But our street is well known for lots of houses taking part in Halloween so luckily we don’t even have to go far – we cannot wait!

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