Before you watch them travel from Bells to Bondi in a Bonds Kombi (yep, that’s right – we’ve got something very exciting on the way!), get to know the boys behind Bondi Harvest…

A love of food and surfing combined with a passion for filmmaking is what first united Guy Turland and Mark Alston. After Mark approached Guy to do some test shoots for another cooking show, he came up with the idea of a cooking show about seasonal local food set against a beach backdrop and *bam* just like that Bondi Harvest was born.


For the next 18 months the pair filmed in secret, searching for cool locations in and around Bondi to shoot recipes before launching it to the world in early 2013. Since then the show has taken off, attracting over 46,000 subscribers and quickly becoming a YouTube hit. It has also scored the boys a deal with YouTube US multi-network Tastemade, Pedestrian TV’s 2014 Blogger of the Year award, and appearances on NBC’s Today Show alongside Carson Daly. According to Mark, it’s the authenticity of their show that has been key to its success.

“There is no pretending with Guy – he surfs, spearfishes, owns his own cafe, drives a surfer’s car, lives in a unit with an awesome view of Bondi. We were basically just filming his life,” he said, in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Now fans of their YouTube channel can taste their famous recipes in person with the recent opening of the Bondi Harvest restaurant in Bondi Junction. It’s a spacious, tranquil and tasty place to eat seasonal, good-for-you food that is a reflection of Guy’s fresh and fun approach to life.


To celebrate Bonds’ 100th birthday this year, we’ve teamed up with the boys at Bondi Harvest to pay tribute to Aussie life in all its awesomeness. The surfie foodies are on an epic road trip from Bells Beach to Bondi in a kombi from our mates at Hire a Kombi (that’s been given a little Bonds makeover). They’re on an adventure to connect with everyday Bonds-wearers and share video stories of their favourite places to camp, eat, surf and play.

 Check out the trailer for their road trip from Bells to Bondi below!




Stay tuned, the first episode in our series launches on Monday 16th March! Follow their vlogging journey on Facebook here. Find out more about Bondi Harvest here or check out their videos on YouTube.

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