The Bonds Fit Trunk has had a bold, graphic makeover, thanks to the incredible talents of fearless freelance artist, Steen Jones, who has created a limited edition capsule range for men. Designed for the guy who prefers a bit more support “down there,” the Fit Trunk has long been a favourite for its close-to-body fit, shorter length and comfy leg binds that won’t ride up. Now it’s been given the Steen special touch (sparkly waistband included!) featuring four bespoke illustration prints.

We spoke to Bonds men’s designer, Ben Lalic, on why the Fit Trunk was chosen for such a unique collaboration.

“We chose to use the Fit undie for the Steen Jones range to highlight the franchise. Everybody knows Bonds for the world’s most comfiest undie, The Guyfront, however we believed the Fit is the best vehicle to showcase both our brand and Steen’s.”

“The Fit sits a little lower, has leg binds and elastic to prevent ride up and the shape is a little more snug. With the Steen Jones range, we developed a new metallic elastic in two different versions to complement the prints and to reflect the collaboration.”

“The Fit range by Steen Jones is aimed at the guy who is adventurous, confident and rocks his own individual style. He’s someone who isn’t afraid to wear colour or a print or try something bold and slightly daring.”

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