DIY // How easy is it to Tie-dye?

DIY tie-dye

Answer: Very easy.

Consider this not so much a ‘How-to’ (though we will cover that) but more of a reminder how fun and easy it can be to DIY your way to a tie-dyed wardrobe in no time. We decided to show you just how achievable this 70s inspired look can be, using only supplies we found around the office and (after a quick trip down to the local craft shop) some powder fabric-dye.

What you will need:
Whatever you want tie-dyed (we used a Bonds Classic Tee and Bonds Circulation Crew Socks)
Bucket or bowl (can also be done in a sink)
Something to mix with (we used a spoon)
Rubber Bands
Rubber Gloves

What you will need

To prepare the dye, all you really need to do is follow the instructions, most will be the same though, so just pour the satchel of dye + a cup of salt in some boiling water and you’ll be right.

How to do it:

1. For the tee, we decided on a swirl pattern; for that what you will need to do is start in the centre and twist the fabric around your finger. Once it’s fully rolled-up tie the rubber bands around the middle in a star shape.
We also had a pair of socks on hand, so we thought we’d give them a go too…

2. If you’re doing a swirl think of it like a pie diagram; split the shirt into however many colours you want and only dip each section in that colour. We went with 50/50 pink and yellow, so first off we dipped half of the tee in the pink.

DIYbowl We left it for about 15 minutes and then put the other half in the yellow dye. The longer you leave it in, the richer the colour; we opted for a lighter option.

3. To avoid tie-dying your hands, use the gloves to remove the rubber bands and then rinse the soon-to-be-70s clothes in some cold water.

4. Leave out to dry.


5. Enjoy!



  1. mona l

    I did this on the weekend!

  2. jane

    thanks for that, what a revelation , i love tye dye and could never work out how they got the multi colours, legend!!

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