As an iconic Australian brand, we only had to look in our own backyard to find exactly what we needed to create our softest tees to date. Cotton is such an integral part of the Bonds’ business, to be able to source some of the world’s purest and most sustainable cotton was a key win for the design team behind the new range of Home Grown™ tees. With a focus on effortless basics, the Bonds innovation design team honed in on the simple things like elevating the details to tell the next chapter in the Bonds basics story.


The Process

To begin the process, Bonds designer Monique Luchterhand and her team set themselves a mission to work out what customers love and need in a tee. They whittled it down to three important elements: neckline, fabric and fit. From there they looked at the raw material, which started with using a responsibly-sourced cotton grown locally to create a field to fashion process.


Colour was super important to the design team. To reflect the Aussie beach culture, they wanted the colour to be really washed back and relaxed to make it accessible and easy-to-wear. Colours are created using a pigment dye print method, meaning the garment is dyed in full form then washed to create that lived-in colour look. They also used a reactive dye method to create a clean, saturated finish and to achieve that “whitest white” and “blackest black” true colour.

How to Wear

Since tees are an essential building block for any wardrobe, it was important to the design team that they are easy for customers to style their own way. By simply rolling up a sleeve or tucking in a hem, it can transform the look of a tee effortlessly. With the women’s Roll Up tee, this styling has been added for you thanks to the ready-made roll up cuffs. Too easy!


The design team put a lot of time into developing the fabric and engineering it in a way to ensure you get longevity out of it. Made using a premium long staple yarn to give a smooth, clean finish, it also means the range is durable. It won’t pill, fray or twist at the seams, so you can wash and wear it without the worry it will change or lose its shape. So not only is the cotton grown with the greatest care for the environment by our farmers, it’s used in a product that will last.


By choosing Australian cotton, which uses fewer pesticides and water, it means not only did the designers have a better quality raw material to work with, they were also supporting a local industry, which employs over 1,200 farmers across 150 communities. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

To find out more about Cotton Australia visit their website.


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