Mix it up and win

Love mixing up your undie collection? So do we, and we’ve also mixed up the original Collectibles TV ad starring the lovely Isabelle Cornish with the help of ARIA nominated DJ Katalyst. View the new ad and listen to DJ Katalyst’s edgy take on Laura Mvula’s hit Green Garden and you too will want to get skipping!

We’re not stopping there. We’ve also re-mix delicious food, our lippy, thirst-quenching drink and lovely tunes- and we want you to share in 25 words or less your favourite mix for a chance to win The Sherbet Pop necklace by Emeldo and $200 worth of Bonds (in the comments section).

Wanna win this exclusive reveal necklace by Emeldo – The Sherbet Pop. It’s simple just share you fave mix in the comments below.

They don’t say opposites attract for no reason. Who hasn’t tried yummy, curious food combos to stir up your taste buds? Like the happiest of couples, we think our mix of avocado and vegemite make the best team! Have a tasty recipe or combo to share? Send it in!

We love a bit of avo and vege on toast!

Give your kisser something to smile about in a signature colour that’s unique to you. There’s only one way you’ll never find another gal wearing the same colour lipstick as you. Mix favourite lip colour A, with favourite lip colour B and even C and you’ve got yourself a mouth to match every single outfit and mood of the minute. Here we’ve mixed Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square with the same in Dragon Girl to accent a very special Bonds face!

Mix two colours for an original lippy!

What better way to bring on the sunshine than with a mocktail in hand. Our mix contains frozen cherry juice concentrate and ginger ale. What are your favourite juice, smoothie or other bevvy mixes?

Who doesn’t love a mock-tail mix (with a dash of something extra if you fancy).

Be your own DJ in the car, at work or when hitting the gym by making your very own “mixtapes”. Try some dance and 90s hip hop to make a dreary day upbeat again, or sink into a bath and unwind to the likes of Bon Iver and Sigur Ros playing in the background. We’ve gone even further on the mix-up project and shared one of our fave Triple J mix ups.

Wanna get your hand on that amazing neck lace by Emeldo and some new Bonds – just share your fave mix of ANYTHING in 25 words or less in the comments section below now!

Best read the terms and conditions too – here!


  1. Kim

    My favourite mix of juice is ~ pineapple, ginger and spinach ….fructose friendly for me !!!!

    Terms and conditions comes up as FILE NOT FOUND !!

    • The Bonds Team

      Hey Kim,

      Should be all good now!

      Bonds x

  2. Charmaine schlaefer

    My favorite mix is hot pink, fluro yellow including lace and cotton.

  3. Clare C

    I mix friends with family, making my best friend my better half and exchanging last names as a sign of our unmixed emotions on equality.

  4. Charmaine schlaefer

    Another favorite mix is black and white plain underwear and a hot pink bra or patterned bra

  5. cathie w

    My favorite combination is leopard print and black leather spiked epaulettes. Come close, but don’t touch!

  6. Caitlin Shillabeer

    Wardrobe essentials are a must and mine is Cowgirl Boots which I love to mix with dresses, skinny jeans and shorts. “Country girl for life”

  7. Braeden


  8. kristie potocznyj

    purse essentials are a must, a lipstick, perfume and a spear house key

    • Levi

      Spear key? Spear is something u stab things with, where do you buy these stabbing keys from ????

  9. Rachael schwerin

    My favorite mix, like on the face of this earth, is crunchy m&m’s and popcorn… At the movies

  10. Peta Duke

    I like to mix black (Melbourne) and grey with a suprising colour pop! It may be coral, it may be green, hot pink, red blue or even leopard – it always lightens my day and helps with the weather!

  11. Abbey

    My favourite (and most bizarre) mix has got to be tomato and chocolate, a little naughty and nice!

  12. Carly P

    My favourite mix at lunchtime is a vegemite and sliced apple sandwich 🙂

  13. D S

    Spinach and Banana in a blender! Yum Yum

  14. Carly

    My favourite mix at lunchtime is sliced apple and vegemite together on a sandwich 🙂

  15. Nova Jenner

    I love the mixture of colorful undies with lace!

  16. Kimberley

    My favourite mix is a white shirt, black wet look leggings, ankle boots and elegant scarf, stylish and comfortable, perfect mix!

  17. Emma

    Any mash up by Girl Talk!

  18. Tayla Alice

    My favourite mix is baby spinach and mixed berries! Delicious and nutritious !

  19. Amt-beth

    Best mix ever; salad sandwich with a layer of peanut butter!! Weird but delicious, almost tastes like satay sauce on a burger.

  20. Annabelle

    Favourite mix; asparagus , triple cream Brie ,rocket, sundried tomato toasted on a croissant. fresh strawberries dipped in SOUR cream,dipped in brown sugar

  21. Louisa

    I like to mix languages- it keeps my brain busy and other people guessing!

  22. Tess

    I like to add brightly coloured or funkily patterned socks to mix up a slightly dull out fit!

  23. Alison Percy

    I like to mix good nutrition, keeping fit, healthy lifestyle and be my own judge – all whilst sporting my fav bonds

  24. CrystieHW

    My favourite mix – Movies, Snuggles, Snacks (especially popcorn), my comfy bed, fluffy pillows, my pooch and my boy. <3 the best mix.

    • The Bonds Team

      Hi Crystie,

      You are our runner up winner! Our 1st winner has not claimed her prize – so it’s all yours. We will email you for your details. Congratulations. And thank you for sharing your very heartfelt mix.

      Bonds x

  25. Simone

    The way primary colours – red, blue & yellow – can mix is my favourite. Tangled and intertwined with each other, creating colours one dreams of!

  26. Samantha

    A grated apple and cheese sandwich! My favourite since prep!

  27. Eloise

    I LOVE mixing up strawberry milkshakes in a blender to add a sweet sensation and funky flavour to dull winter days!

  28. Sophie

    I love mixing up some moves while dancing around the house in my funnest, funkiest bonds undies! My fundies!

  29. Diem

    I like to mix in crazy, patterned tights whilst I wear boring neutral coloured clothes to make my outfit fun!

  30. Bree

    I mix everything – Boots with a party dress for comfort and style. Fruit with leafy greens in my smoothie, nutritious but still delisious/actually drinkable. Vegimite and jam. Red lippy with a little neon pink in the middle of my bottom lip – and vise versa. And sweet wine with dry to get the perfect balance. #mixlife

  31. Bree

    Dammit, that’s way over 25 words. Sweet and dry wine. Lets go with that.

  32. Mahalia Hewitt

    The perfect mix would have to be SUMMER, THE BEACH and BOOST JUICE… And of course, a comfy pair of bonds! Xx

  33. Ashlee Rutledge

    The perfect mix ever is my dog and bunny cuddling and snuggling up on the couch!


    Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey (Reich & Bleich Remix) – An amazing mix in itself… who doesn’t experience a little sadness in the summertime?

  35. Sasha

    Peanut butter and banana on toast is an amazing combo!!

  36. Lissy

    A sunny afternoon barefoot skateboarding session, feat. the Jezabels, harem pants, and afterwards, some homemade Pimms. Bliss!

  37. Deanna H

    Peanut butter, honey and a cheese slice on toast is the perfect mix!

  38. Amanda D

    My fav mix is to freshly juice honeydew, watermelon and red apple. It’s delicious, colourful and healthy!

  39. Alex

    My fave mix is peppermint tea, Cadbury chocolate and any book from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R Martin 🙂

  40. Jo

    I love mixing highwaisted denim shorts on the beach with iced green tea and a good book xx

  41. Mia Dear

    My favorite mix is tea and me, it makes a very happy person, anytime!

  42. Mary Robertson

    Whatever makes you happy is always a good mix.

  43. Mirelle

    Mix of melty, bitey vintage cheese on fruit toast (tastes better than it sounds, promise!)

  44. Jennifer

    I love to mix a rainy day with summertime activities like bouncing on the trampoline & smoothies on the veranda – it makes everything immediately brighter!

  45. Thandi

    My favourite remix/ mash up is I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT) by Xaphoon Jones. it’s a mix of ‘Is this love” by Bob Marley and “kids” by MGMT.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR9ZFL1okUg it’s the best thing you’ve ever heard, guaranteed.

  46. Amy

    My favourite is chocolate, hazelnut and coconut!

  47. laura

    My favourite mix is apple and peanut butter!!

  48. Evie

    My absolute Fav mix would be a hot chai latter, peanut butter toast and watching a great movie.

    • Morgann

      sounds amazing! I’m on my way to try it!

  49. michelle

    My fav mix is vodka infused watermelon (stick a bottle of vodka into a watermelon & let it sit overnight 😉 or avocado with condensed milk! Simply the best 🙂

  50. Morgann

    I love mixing stuff to get the unexpected out of everyday things. I mix chocolate and cucumber, once i ‘tried’ surfing with high heels – mixing classy style with my swimsuit, i also like that mix of hip-hop with banjo by GangstaGrass band, but most of all, I love the mix of culture I have given to my tiny daughter: I am french and her dad is Australian. She’s a magnique mix!

  51. Renee

    Having a hotdog on a bread roll with either Nutella or peanut butter instead of any condiments!

    • The Bonds Team

      And the winner is Renee – this has the be the weirdest food mix shared. Soooo many great mixes from the fun to the heart warming but this is the strangest.

      Congrates Renee we will email you for your details.

      Bonds x

  52. Anastasia Starz

    Salted Caramel with anything sweet 😛

  53. Di

    Swiss cheese on toast with Ginger marmalade.
    Sounds like the mismatch from hell, but it’s delicious!!

  54. ALEX

    Mixed berry muffins with lemon curd, home-made passion fruit meringues and icing sugar is my own lovely concoction to enjoy!!! C:

  55. Jessie

    Fave mix would have to include Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum and Adam Levine (in that order)

  56. JUDY

    Fave mix includes spring rolls with guacamole, tiramisu with popcorn, Korean movies, party hats and great company!

  57. Taylah

    Vegemite on toast – my have mix of all!

  58. Hannah

    One of my favourite mixes is rain and sunshine! Rainy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons, sunny summer days that end in a storm and sunshowers.

  59. Sherie

    Border Collie X Grey hound. Best doggie mix for most awesome, loyal, loving fur baby.

  60. Reese

    Chevron & Paisley retro patterns mixed together for the most mind-blowing wallpaper out there! Yeew!

  61. Penny

    My Fav Mix is Broccoli and good ol’ Tommy Sauce!!! #Healthygreens #Aussie #Mix #SexyEmeldo #LOVEmeSOMEBONDS!

  62. Samantha Keenan

    I love combining a plain black knee length skirt with an oversized plain white shirt with tights an ankle boots..amazing!!!

  63. Anne

    My Favourite mix is apple and cheese

  64. Timothy George

    One word… Banjo-lele. Best instrument mix ever! P.S I’m trying to win this for my wife. We also are a good mix. <3

  65. Alexa Ridgway

    I love to mix my words – “craptacular”, “adorkable”. I think that the Emeldo necklace is fluouroriffic and that Bonds Collectibles are incredibly bumfortable and fantabulous

  66. Ellen Harman

    My favourite mix is light coloured lace dresses with thick wooly jumpers and army style boots.

  67. AbbyJ

    I like mixing cold wintery days with cold nutella chocolates, for some reason this warms me up, maybe it’s the chocolate overload!

  68. Molly B

    Fav mix is summer sunshine, fresh fruit, the pool and some baben swimmers and summer clothes! Best thing everrrrrrrrr 😉

  69. Amelia T

    My favourite mix is my bonds hoodie in bed with a banana and chocolate smoothie 😉 What a gorgeous necklace! <3

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