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What Would Karl Do was started back in 2010 by Jess Dempsey, a Stylist / Blogger from Melbourne and has only gone from strength to strength since. We asked her for more info on her Lagerfield inspired blog down below. And, of course, for some cheeky styling tips…


What Would Karl Do is the popular fashion blog of Aussie stylist and fashion guru Jess Dempsey. With a wardrobe that most girls covet, Jess is the epitome of a true-blue fashionista, pulling together directional looks and channeling inspiration from style icons Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Dello Russo. With content aimed at both the local and international audience, What Would Karl Do inspires the fashion lover to dare to be fashion confident, mixing high street and high end and invites the reader to take a little piece of Jess’ style with them.

“The best thing to do is dive with your imagination – you can never drown yourself” – Karl Lagerfeld

Jess started off with some Bonds bits and pieces and then built up from that, what she came back with is two great looks that are perfect for so many day-to-day adventures. We love how she’s styled them:


You can find the Trackies and Undies HERE and HERE


You can find the Sloppy and Hipster Bodies Skirt HERE and HERE


How would you describe your personal style?

I like to describe my style as fashion confident, as I like to try all the trends and adapt it in my own way.

Why did you start your blog?

To express my fashion in a place where I made the rules, I wanted to share my fashion journey with someone and create my own editorials.

What’s been your fave experience while blogging?

Going to Paris Fashion Week this year with Wella.

What are your top 5 wardrobe ‘basics’/must-haves?

1. A comfy tee
2. An over-sized singlet
3. Denim
4. Some colourful jumpers
5. Wedge trainers

How important is always having a basic tee in your wardrobe?

Basics are your go-to items to build your look. I always wear a singlet under my clothes, not only does it keep me warm but it adds a layer to my outfit showing a hint of black or white.

What are your tips for easily dressing up an outfit?

Add some heels, I love a good sports-luxe look that is ultra comfy but adding heels gives it a dressed up feel.

What are your memories with Bonds growing up?

All my underwear is Bonds, it always has been, I remember in the early 2000s when they started to get a bit cheeky and release the lace range in bold colours, it was cool to have a hint of it showing out the top of your jeans! haha! Actually, Bonds has been my go-to brand in the past five years from buying my husband’s Christmas presents, wearing trackies and sloppy joes during my pregnancy and stocking up on singlets and onesies for my son from newborn to toddler.

Thanks, Jess!

You can find Jess on pretty much every form of social media; there’s the site What Would Karl Do + bloglovin + facebook + twitter + youtube + instagram @whatwouldkarldo

All photos by Karen Woo


  1. Karen Woo

    Jess from @watwouldkarldo totally rocked this Bonds shoot – thanks for the mention Bonds! Like Jess, Bonds is definitely our family staples 🙂

    • The Bonds Team

      Agreed! Also, your photos are amazing!
      Now we know what happens when two very talented ladies get together.

      Thanks Karen, always love hearing that 😀

      Bonds x

      • Jay

        I have just stumbled acosrs your blog, and glad I did! I am new in the blogging community and eagerly trying to make blogger friends! I can safely say, I am most definitely not a ‘no-reply blogger’!!!I find there is something so pleasantly, refreshing in having joyous conversations with people I have never met!!! Chataholics, step my way!! :)Lovely blog, I am now going to continue reading 🙂

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