This year, we’re urging you to think of fathers on Sunday 4th September. That means making dad feel as comfortable as possible. What better way to do that than by giving him something comfy to get around in? Parenting might be its own reward, but let’s not forget dear old dad this Father’s Day. Instead get him something he could really do with like a break or, better yet, one of these awesome Father’s Day gifts.



Socks and jocks might seem a bit been there done that but the truth is your old man needs his yearly undie top-up. He waits for it. He yearns for it. In his mind, it gives him a reasonable excuse to finally toss out those age old undies that surpassed their expiry date around the time man first walked on the moon, or something. Whatever his style is – trunk or brief – we have a pair of comfy undies (with a stretchy waistband – very important!) to suit every Dad Bod.

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Nothing says “hello grandpa!” more than a packet of Werther’s Original and pair of flannelette pyjamas. While we can only suggest avoiding caramel flavoured candy of any description, the flannie situation we can certainly help with. Made from 100% cotton jersey, our Sleep Shorts are the comfiest sleep shorts to hit the sheets in. Combine it with one of our famous Chesty singlets and he’ll be sorted for nap time, any time.

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Is your dad the type of guy who likes to get out and about? Then our Bonds Sport range for men could be right up his bowling alley. From shorts to our lightweight range of Micro Sweats, he’ll be covered from the couch to the gym and back again.

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The ultimate leisure suit for the busy dad, it’s time to convince the old man to chuck out that embarrassing parachute number from 1994 by replacing it with one of our comfy tracksuits. It’ll prove to him that suiting up in one of our trackies never looked (or felt) so good!

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Time is a luxury most dads don’t have. Make his daily wardrobe choices simple by giving him some new comfy socks to get around in. Whether it’s for the board room or the weights room, shop our wide range of men’s socks made from innovative fabrics, extra cushioning, arch support and fancy extras like InvisiGrip technology. He’ll sock it right up!

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