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With the launch of our new Bonds Sport range, we challenged our favourite foursome from Fit Club Perth to buddy up and bring it. We asked Emily, Adelle, Monique and Jenelle to compete in a series of fun and friendly games for the young at heart. Think a mini street-style Olympics including: wheelbarrow races, hopscotch running races and cartwheels.


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With the launch of our new Bonds Sport Zippy for bubs, we couldn’t not ask Ina from Sneakers & Soul and her adorable son, Luka, to give it a test run. Recently, mum and bub had a day out on the pier, bending and stretching in a series of yoga-style poses, which I’m sure you’ll agree are SERIOUSLY adorable.

Bonds #8

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What’s it like to be part of the Foster Blake family juggernaut? Or to find yourself the subject of #couplegoals across the social sphere with a baby son who is already an Instagram sensation? We caught up with one half of our Bonds Sport ambassador duo, Zoe Foster Blake, to talk all things parenthood, pilates and ‘park crawls.’


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