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Bonds Baby Search might be all about the bubs, but it’s also about the parents too. Which is why we’re dedicating part of this year’s Baby Search to all the dads out there or, more specifically, the Insta-Dads! Those proud papas who can’t pass up posting a pic of their precious one on Instagram for the Internet to go gaga over. Nawww.

Case in point: fellow Insta-Dads Fitzy, Hughesy and Pat Rafter, who decide to meet-up for a day of watching the cricket on the couch but instead get side-tracked with daddy duties.


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Now in its 12th year (yes, really!) Bonds Baby Search is Australia’s biggest baby search competition. For those who have been living under a rock may be unfamiliar with Baby Search, each year we run an open call to find the next new little faces of Bonds. We look for bubs with oodles of individuality and character, whether that be cheeky, charming, comical – or all three! Photos and videos that capture a baby’s personality is what we love to receive.


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Are you ready for it? Because we sure as sugar plums are! Another Bonds Baby Search is fast on the approach and we are majorly beside ourselves. Why? Because this year’s Baby Search is epic. And when we say epic, we actually mean EPIC! For starters, it’s our 12th Baby Search in a row, which is just mind-blowing. Not only that, this year we’ve thrown open the prize cupboard door to dig out our biggest prize ever!


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There’s nothing quite like the wonder and joy captured in Kate Oliver’s photos. For this year’s Baby Search, we’re giving our mums a helping hand with some top tips from Kate Oliver herself on how to take the perfect shot. Check them out below…


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