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While the prospect of the little ones heading back to school might be the only thing keeping parents sane during the holidays, for kids the mere mention of school is more likely to be met with a groan or a roll of the eyes. One way to get them excited about the start of a new school year is DIY school supplies – a chance for them to get creative and inject some personality and colour into their stationery. Here are a few of our favourite ideas from craft blogger, Kate Camilleri, which are both easy and fun:

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No one enjoys the morning rush before school, not the kids and certainly not the parentals. Amidst the manic making of lunches, packing school bags, buttering toast, and never enough coffee. Like never. The morning routine should ideally be one of organised chaos. Ah yes, if only life was that simple sometimes.


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Ah the first day of school… Everyone remembers (or perhaps wish they didn’t remember) their first day. Or has a mum/dad/grandparent who does.  Whether it was starting primary or high school for the first time, each one is a big moment in a kid’s life. Which is why we asked a few of the Bonds team to recall their funniest or heart-warming first day or back to school stories. Here are just a couple…


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