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Twenty-something Melbourne designer, Bianca Cash is a typography whizz and a straight-up Instagram powerhouse with a whopping 50,000 followers. Besides winning Instagram (she loves ridiculous hashtags – so do we!) you’ll find her working on various projects, expanding her online store and travelling.


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In the fashion stakes, the early Nineties were all about grungey flannel shirts, Doc Martens and oversized cardigans. But by the mid-Nineties, our love of denim had reached new heights with acid wash, overalls and double denim doing the rounds, thanks to TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends.


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Fashion was never bigger or bolder than in the Eighties. From Cyndi Lauper punk-inspired lace creations to shoulder pads and teased hair, the looks were far ranging and far out! Whether it was Madonna, Miami Vice or Michael Jackson that inspired your style, the ‘80s had it all. This decade also saw people across the world embrace a new era of entertainment – video games, and more importantly, Tetris.


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Young Melbourne graphic artist and illustrator, Nathan Nankervis, has been catching the attention of many lately with his colourful creations that make you feel ALL the good feelings. Since recently graduating from Swinburne University, Nathan has been busy building a portfolio of his cartoon-like drawings and attracting clients left, right and centre.


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