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With so many fun ways to customise tees we thought we’d have a go at another one, especially after our DIY tie-dye turned out so well (even if we do say so ourselves…). This time we’re adding a pocket, which is a great way to mix up any plain tees that you may have hanging around in your wardrobe. Want to find out just how ridiculously easy it is to DIY?
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DIY tie-dye

Answer: Very easy.

Consider this not so much a ‘How-to’ (though we will cover that) but more of a reminder how fun and easy it can be to DIY your way to a tie-dyed wardrobe in no time. We decided to show you just how achievable this 70s inspired look can be, using only supplies we found around the office and (after a quick trip down to the local craft shop) some powder fabric-dye.

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