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Still got Christmas gifts to buy? It’s okaaaay, deep breaths. While our pre-Christmas delivery for online orders has ended, there’s still plenty of time to head in store to grab what you need for your nearest and dearest. Or, if you don’t have time to pop into your nearest Bonds store, then we have another fast and stress-free option designed to take the hassle out of running around shops in a blind panic. Now that’s what we call not getting into the Christmas spirit!


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Head’s up! There are only a few shopping days left to get dad a Father’s Day gift. If you haven’t got time to get to the shops or you simply can’t decide what to get dad this year, then we’ve got an awesome solution. Give dad the gift of all his favourite things! Yep, you read right. And no, this doesn’t mean spending a fortune on whizbangy shiny thingymabobs. We’re talking those other favourite things he enjoys, such as sleeping in and some time off doing the household chores.


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