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When it came to who to hand our new men’s Bonds Sport range over to we couldn’t think of anyone better than Dylan Rivier of Built by Dylan. A personal trainer who uses Bondi Beach as his playground, Dylan specialises in strength and conditioning training via one-on-one and group sessions.


For his ‘Bring It’ challenge, Dylan recently hit Bondi Beach to work out in our new Micro Sweats range for men. Crafted from silky smooth lightweight fabric, this textured range of sweats is perfect for hitting the gym or the street. Whether it’s chin-ups, push-ups or step ups, our sporty Micro Sweats are light enough to keep you moving without weighing you down.

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With the launch of our new Bonds Sport range, we challenged our favourite foursome from Fit Club Perth to buddy up and bring it. We asked Emily, Adelle, Monique and Jenelle to compete in a series of fun and friendly games for the young at heart. Think a mini street-style Olympics including: wheelbarrow races, hopscotch running races and cartwheels.


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Perfect for mini ones on the move, our new Sporty Zippy has been designed to keep up with your busy bub every crawl/step of the way. Not only are they super sporty (and mega adorable!) they come in a variety of binge-worthy bold prints, designed to match with the rest of our Bonds Sport women’s range.


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With the launch of our new Bonds Sport Zippy for bubs, we couldn’t not ask Ina from Sneakers & Soul and her adorable son, Luka, to give it a test run. Recently, mum and bub had a day out on the pier, bending and stretching in a series of yoga-style poses, which I’m sure you’ll agree are SERIOUSLY adorable.

Bonds #8

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A supportive sports bra is a workout wardrobe essential. No matter what your bra size, finding the right sports bra for you and your activity of choice is super important. A lack of breast support during exercise can lead to ligament and tissue damage, pain and discomfort and sagging. Women with small breasts can experience damage too if not correctly supported with a well-fitting sports bra.


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