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Got a bub? Got a phone? Got nothing to lose!

Bonds Baby Search is back for another bumper year with entries set to open at 12pm (midday) AEDT on Thursday 15th February 2018 – mark your calendars! Now in its 14th year, we’re looking forward to seeing this year’s entries and finding out just which little characters could the future faces of Bonds – exciting!

So, what are we looking for? One word: Realness. Personality over perfection scores big points in our books. We want to see your bub’s character shine through in their entry whether it’s a smile, frown, or face smattered with tomato sauce. From the little wins to the grizzly grim to the toothy grins – capture their best (and worst moments) then get ready to hit enter on 15th February!

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It’s a fresh new year which means a fresh opportunity to enter your bub into Bonds Baby Search 2017. Cue the streamers! We’re so excited to bring you this year’s Baby Search, which officially opens at 12pm (AEDT) on Wednesday 15th February 2017 – mark your calendars. It’s so thrilling to see the next crop of little cuties who could become future Bonds stars, like last year’s Wonder Bub winner, Brooklyn. What a huge year he’s had! If you haven’t read our recent interview with Brooklyn’s mum, have a peek over here.


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100 years young, still having fun.

In case you missed the memo, this year is Bonds’ 100th birthday. As in 1-0-0… uh-huh EPIC! As well as a brand new range of revamped basics in bold monochromes and eye-popping floral prints, and our new ambassador Iggy Azalea, we’re also celebrating with a cracking new 100th birthday campaign.

We’re not 100 years old; we’re a 100 years young. To celebrate this, we’re getting the party started with one big, bold dance party featuring Bonds wearers of all ages – all adding up to 100! Whether it’s 5 x 20-year-olds, 20 x 5-year-olds, 4 x 25-year-olds, 200 x 6-month olds, a 75 year-old + a 25-year-old or a 99-year-old + 1-year-old it all equals 100!

We think you’ll agree that a revamped range of Bonds icons needs a pumping soundtrack. How about a killer remixed version of ‘What You Need’ by the Aussie rockers, INXS? Too good! Check out our latest TV ad, below. We dare you not to move to this one!