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Fashion was never bigger or bolder than in the Eighties. From Cyndi Lauper punk-inspired lace creations to shoulder pads and teased hair, the looks were far ranging and far out! Whether it was Madonna, Miami Vice or Michael Jackson that inspired your style, the ‘80s had it all. This decade also saw people across the world embrace a new era of entertainment – video games, and more importantly, Tetris.


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The Sixties were a big time for fashion. Thanks to mini skirts, Twiggy and The Beatles, the Mod movement took hold of London and spread across world’s youth subculture. The pastel hues of the Fifties were replaced with bright colours, and bold geometric shapes, alongside hotpants, go-go boots and shift dresses.


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In the 1940s, during the outbreak of World War II, Australia found itself in danger of being invaded by Japan. On the home front loved ones, who were separated from their husbands and sweethearts, sent letters to Aussie troops serving across Europe and Asia.


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