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A golden age of glamour emerged in the 1930s, as women looked to Hollywood starlets for style inspiration. In spite of the Depression, slick and sexy marketing turned corsetry and hosiery into high fashion. With an emphasis on the hips and bust, women clamoured to look like their screen idols.


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A range like BONDS100 doesn’t just appear by magic. There are so many bright, talented and passionate people that have worked behind-the-scenes to bring the best of what Bonds has to offer to you – our loyal and awesome customers!

So, who exactly is responsible for our latest eye-popping prints, branded waistbands and sporty separates? Meet Rene Kininmonth and Kasey Doroszuk, two of the creative geniuses behind the range that celebrates Bonds’ 100th birthday. We chatted to Rene, who is one of our women’s underwear designers and Kasey, who designs our babywear range, to find out what exactly went into designing such an important and memorable collection.


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The 1920s brought the arrival of a new type of modern woman – the flapper. Bobbed hair, jazz music and provocative dancing were all the rage in the Roaring Twenties, as women found greater freedom and expression in working outside the home and access to education.


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As it’s our 100th birthday this year, so you’ll excuse us if we get a bit misty-eyed for a moment while we pay tribute to the last 100 years using our iconic Chesty – the singlet that kicked off this crazy, amazing Bonds ride. The Chesty, or the Men’s Athletic Singlet, as it was originally known, has been a Bonds staple for nearly a century. From covering the bod of Charles Kingsford Smith to decking out Paul Mercurio in Strictly Ballroom – the Chesty has been there for it all.


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Perth-born Jodie Boland carved a name for herself in the beauty industry from very early on. Having studied abroad at the London School of Fashion, Jodie moved to New York City where she assisted master artists Dick Page and Val Garland. She’s worked her magic on numerous celebs and her artistry has appeared in magazines like GQ, Elle, Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar (amongst many others)! Now Jodie lends her talents to Bonds for their Classics campaign, and dishes on this season’s hottest makeup trends captured during the shoot…


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