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Facebook-what-not-to-doWe all look forward to the end of the year when it’s summer and some of us are lucky enough to take a break in our town at the least or fly somewhere exotic.

But before the adventures begin, there’s the annual work Christmas party that can have people talking for months, if you fail to abide by some simple rules.

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700x350-christmas-guide-v1We know everyone is shouting at you to buy this, buy that for Christmas gifts and it can all get a bit confusing. We thought we’d simplify the process by putting together a list of 8 Christmas gift ideas that covers just about everyone,  PLUS there’s a chance to win some (see details on how at the end of the blog…)

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700x350-Dec-obsessions-v2Today is the second day of summer and there’s only a few weeks left until workplaces go on holiday and some of us get to fly or drive to some sweet places for a break. For these people, minds are likely drifting off into daydreams about the fun and relaxation that’ll be had.

As for the people that don’t have the luxury of such a break, this post is dedicated to you.

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