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headerShe’s funny, honest and gives on-the-money commentary on the adventures of being a mum. Today, Kayana from The Central Nest gives us some real good tips for surviving Christmas so you and your kids can enjoy the festivities come the 25th. Here she goes….

The lead up to Christmas is manic in any home, but when you have children you may as well grab a massive ball of pure energy from space, throw some sparkles and glitter on it and inject it with a sports drink. Christmas is a brand new level of stress, effort and stealthy midnight runs.

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Whether you love a real traditional Christmas with reindeers and golden baubles or like to infuse your own funky modern style into the festivities, there’s no arguing that if you live in an apartment or small space, you need to think outside the (gift) box to bring the Christmas spirit inside. A big, live tree aint gonna fit through the door? Consider giving these pretty cool DIY options a go.

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Last time we asked our wonderful guest bloggers to tell us how Bonds has been a part of their families lives.  You can read the very funny second post from Mama Pyjama called “The ‘Chicken Suit’ and Me” HERE. Now that you’re all caught up, this week we asked for a post to take us into the silly season. This is Kellie’s Christmas post:

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