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Feeling a little crafty? Winter weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and work on some fun projects around the house – like this Dino Jar from craft blogger Rachel Burke of ‘I Make, You Wear It’. Perfect for storing the kids crayons! Check out the easy step-by-step DIY below…


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If you’re not already a swoony fan of Rachel Burke’s craft blog, i make. you wear it, then take it from us you soon will be. The crimson-haired crafty goddess is all about bright and colourful DIY that puts our old Grade 3 friendship bracelet-making swiftly to shame. What first begun as a Saturday night sewing challenge with friends has since lead to a hugely popular blog, an Instagram account with a schmick name (@imakestagramsooo good) and a gig as a Frankie magazine contributor. Not bad, huh?

We caught up with Rachel to find out what makes her crafty heart sing. Have a read, then a scroll of her blog and decide what project you’d like to tackle during your next crafternoon.


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While the prospect of the little ones heading back to school might be the only thing keeping parents sane during the holidays, for kids the mere mention of school is more likely to be met with a groan or a roll of the eyes. One way to get them excited about the start of a new school year is DIY school supplies – a chance for them to get creative and inject some personality and colour into their stationery. Here are a few of our favourite ideas from craft blogger, Kate Camilleri, which are both easy and fun:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.38.18 AM

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A personalised Christmas stocking is the perfect thing to stash small gifts for the big day! Our Bonds craft blogger Kate Camilleri shows us how to get creative for Christmas with two variations on a classic tote bag for some festive cheer, and don’t forget, the more sparkles the better! She worked with her little elf ‘Wony’, but you can change the name to match your little one and get them involved in the process too!

Photo 1 - Final 1

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The 2010s signalled a new era for Bonds in so many ways, with the opening of the first standalone Bonds stores as well as our online store. We also expanded our reach by delivering into the overseas market and brought Aussie actress Rachael Taylor on board to be our new ambassador.


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