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A range like BONDS100 doesn’t just appear by magic. There are so many bright, talented and passionate people that have worked behind-the-scenes to bring the best of what Bonds has to offer to you – our loyal and awesome customers!

So, who exactly is responsible for our latest eye-popping prints, branded waistbands and sporty separates? Meet Rene Kininmonth and Kasey Doroszuk, two of the creative geniuses behind the range that celebrates Bonds’ 100th birthday. We chatted to Rene, who is one of our women’s underwear designers and Kasey, who designs our babywear range, to find out what exactly went into designing such an important and memorable collection.


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We know all about the adventures and mischief your bub gets up to! That’s why we make sure all of our clothing has been tested in action for durability and quality.

In Part Five of Meet our Mummy Designers, Jane talks through our process of testing all of our bub clothing.

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In part four of our Meet Our Mummy Designers, our lovely Head of Design, Jane, talks about how our team designs with the Aussie bub in mind. From car trips to running amuck, we’ve got your bub’s needs sorted.

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Shop our gorgeous baby and kids clothing now!

We love our Classic Wondersuits so much that we developed a great new innovation to add to the range. In the next part of Meet our Mummy Designers, Head of Design, Jane, talks about the design process involved to create our gorgeous Zip Wondersuits.

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