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When tasked with turning up the wow-factor on our women’s undie and bra Mash Up range, the Bonds design team had so much to work with. Inspired by everything from Australia’s sandy beaches to a mad hatter’s garden tea party, nothing was off limits in terms of imagination. Find out what motivated the design team to make a mix and match range like never before.

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A range like BONDS100 doesn’t just appear by magic. There are so many bright, talented and passionate people that have worked behind-the-scenes to bring the best of what Bonds has to offer to you – our loyal and awesome customers!

So, who exactly is responsible for our latest eye-popping prints, branded waistbands and sporty separates? Meet Rene Kininmonth and Kasey Doroszuk, two of the creative geniuses behind the range that celebrates Bonds’ 100th birthday. We chatted to Rene, who is one of our women’s underwear designers and Kasey, who designs our babywear range, to find out what exactly went into designing such an important and memorable collection.


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