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The Sixties were a big time for fashion. Thanks to mini skirts, Twiggy and The Beatles, the Mod movement took hold of London and spread across world’s youth subculture. The pastel hues of the Fifties were replaced with bright colours, and bold geometric shapes, alongside hotpants, go-go boots and shift dresses.


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In the 1940s, during the outbreak of World War II, Australia found itself in danger of being invaded by Japan. On the home front loved ones, who were separated from their husbands and sweethearts, sent letters to Aussie troops serving across Europe and Asia.


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A golden age of glamour emerged in the 1930s, as women looked to Hollywood starlets for style inspiration. In spite of the Depression, slick and sexy marketing turned corsetry and hosiery into high fashion. With an emphasis on the hips and bust, women clamoured to look like their screen idols.


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The 1920s brought the arrival of a new type of modern woman – the flapper. Bobbed hair, jazz music and provocative dancing were all the rage in the Roaring Twenties, as women found greater freedom and expression in working outside the home and access to education.


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