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Okay, full disclosure: We can only give you Tom from Tom + Captain’s Bonds look. We know, we know. As much as we wished Bonds came in canine-shaped sizes (never say never!) right now we only supply clothing to the two-legged creatures. If you haven’t checked out Tom + Captain’s video in our new For Aussies by Aussies series, watch it here. Scroll on to get Tom’s look for everyday adventures with his loyal¬†sidekick, Captain.


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There isn’t a better example of Aussies pursuing their passions than Tom Lillecrapp of the dog walking adventure start-up, Tom + Captain. Tom and his gorgeous Weimaraner, Captain, along with a team of experienced dog walkers provide off-leash, multi-terrain adventures around inner city Melbourne.

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Every day they go an adventure or several. In an average week, Tom + Captain’s dog walking business takes out 300 – 350 dogs on off-leash, multi-terrain adventures around inner city Melbourne. In our continuing video series, For Aussies by Aussies, we joined Tom and his lovable sidekick, Captain, on a typical day in the lives of Tom + Captain.

For Aussies by Aussies

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