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Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and what better than to treat the one you love (or yourself!) to a delicious Chocolate Frangelico & Hazelnut Tart from our super talented food blogger From The Kitchen. Check out the recipe below…


These Chocolate Frangelico Hazelnut tarts will be sure to impress your Valentine – and they never need to know how simple they are to make! The hazelnuts can easily be swapped out for walnuts or macadamia nuts if you prefer, and the Frangelico for the liqueur of your choice, but be do be sure to serve them with the no-churn ice cream!

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In case you missed it, we’ve recently welcomed Sarah Tuck of From The Kitchen as our new food blogger and we couldn’t be more thrilled!! We’re kicking off the collab with an awesome summery recipe for homemade icypoles – check it out below…

Sarah Tuck Bonds Popsicle 2

These popsicles are a super-healthy cooling treat for sunshiny summer days. The combination of mango with a little smooth banana is totally luscious, the raspberry yoghurt centre is bright and fresh and the few toasted coconut threads provide a little texture. They’re the perfect non-guilty pleasure, and pretty enough to serve to friends, young and old.

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If you were to look up the word “multitasker” in the dictionary, you’re sure to find Sarah Tuck’s name. This mega foodie, mouth-watering recipe queen, and full-time mum is the ultimate multitasker, especially when it comes to her food blog, From the Kitchen. Hailing from across the waters in New Zealand, Sarah has turned a love of real food into a successful freelancing career spanning recipe development, food styling and photography. We caught up with the busy mum to get the lowdown on what first kick-started her obsession for food and how she manages to keep everything (including her sanity!) in check.


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If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about summer BBQs, it’s the boys from Bondi Harvest. We’ve teamed up with the duo again after our awesome Bells to Bondi road trip to bring you the perfect summer BBQ recipe (giving new meaning to ‘put another shrimp on the barbie!’).

Grilled Chimichurri Prawns

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