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The weather might be getting cooler, but it doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your home with a fresh floral garland! Grab the kids and get creating with this easy step-by-step DIY Paper Flower Garland from craft blogger Rachel Burke of ‘I Make. You Wear It’. Check it out below…


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If you’re not already a swoony fan of Rachel Burke’s craft blog, i make. you wear it, then take it from us you soon will be. The crimson-haired crafty goddess is all about bright and colourful DIY that puts our old Grade 3 friendship bracelet-making swiftly to shame. What first begun as a Saturday night sewing challenge with friends has since lead to a hugely popular blog, an Instagram account with a schmick name (@imakestagramsooo good) and a gig as a Frankie magazine contributor. Not bad, huh?

We caught up with Rachel to find out what makes her crafty heart sing. Have a read, then a scroll of her blog and decide what project you’d like to tackle during your next crafternoon.


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