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Okay, full disclosure: We can only give you Tom from Tom + Captain’s Bonds look. We know, we know. As much as we wished Bonds came in canine-shaped sizes (never say never!) right now we only supply clothing to the two-legged creatures. If you haven’t checked out Tom + Captain’s video in our new For Aussies by Aussies series, watch it here. Scroll on to get Tom’s look for everyday adventures with his loyal sidekick, Captain.


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There isn’t a better example of Aussies pursuing their passions than Tom Lillecrapp of the dog walking adventure start-up, Tom + Captain. Tom and his gorgeous Weimaraner, Captain, along with a team of experienced dog walkers provide off-leash, multi-terrain adventures around inner city Melbourne.

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Every day they go an adventure or several. In an average week, Tom + Captain’s dog walking business takes out 300 – 350 dogs on off-leash, multi-terrain adventures around inner city Melbourne. In our continuing video series, For Aussies by Aussies, we joined Tom and his lovable sidekick, Captain, on a typical day in the lives of Tom + Captain.

For Aussies by Aussies

> Check out our video of our day in the life with Steen Jones





Do you wear cozzies or togs? Are you a bathers babe or a swimmers gal? Whatever you call the stuff you swim in, at Bonds we’ve got swimwear for beach babes based all over Australia. So whether you live in (or are planning to visit) beautiful Bondi or coastal Cottesloe this summer, here’s what we suggest throwing in your beach bag:


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.52.10 PM

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For those who like to get outside and pound the pavement, the improving weather means it’s time to put on your running gear and smash out some kilometres. With some of the most amazing urban scenery in the world, in Australia we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to spectacular running locations.

We’ve put together a bunch of our faves below, but we’d like to hear from you too. Leave a comment below and tell us your favourite place to stretch your legs.

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