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This year, we’re urging you to think of fathers on Sunday 4th September. That means making dad feel as comfortable as possible. What better way to do that than by giving him something comfy to get around in? Parenting might be its own reward, but let’s not forget dear old dad this Father’s Day. Instead get him something he could really do with like a break or, better yet, one of these awesome Father’s Day gifts.


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When it came to who to hand our new men’s Bonds Sport range over to we couldn’t think of anyone better than Dylan Rivier of Built by Dylan. A personal trainer who uses Bondi Beach as his playground, Dylan specialises in strength and conditioning training via one-on-one and group sessions.


For his ‘Bring It’ challenge, Dylan recently hit Bondi Beach to work out in our new Micro Sweats range for men. Crafted from silky smooth lightweight fabric, this textured range of sweats is perfect for hitting the gym or the street. Whether it’s chin-ups, push-ups or step ups, our sporty Micro Sweats are light enough to keep you moving without weighing you down.

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Look who’s bringing it for Bonds Sport! Introducing Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake – our new activewear ambassador duo. When it comes to working out in the Foster Blake household, well… let’s just say a little friendly competition never hurt anybody.

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