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Ocean air, salty hair – is there anything about summer that isn’t the best? After a long, long winter season the sun is finally on its way and, here at Bonds, we couldn’t be happier. You might say, we’re happier than a seagull with a French fry! Hmm… fries.

It’s out with the cold and in with the bright and bold with our new season range that’s just landed. It’s time to think breezy dresses, printed wovens, ‘90s beach prints, ocean wash denim and slouchy shorts. From BBQs in the park and cruising the sand to jumping waves and backyard waterslides – there’s something for every bro, babe and bub this season. Check out the latest lust-have looks that’ll make you sea, want, shop. Better get ‘grammin!


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Head’s up! There are only a few shopping days left to get dad a Father’s Day gift. If you haven’t got time to get to the shops or you simply can’t decide what to get dad this year, then we’ve got an awesome solution. Give dad the gift of all his favourite things! Yep, you read right. And no, this doesn’t mean spending a fortune on whizbangy shiny thingymabobs. We’re talking those other favourite things he enjoys, such as sleeping in and some time off doing the household chores.


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A classic Aussie summer is all about keeping cool and looking cool. That’s why our new Shirt is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe – it’s chambray the Bonds way! To inspire some of your go-to summer looks, we’ve styled up our shirt three ways to take you from the beach to the bar, or simply to curl up with a book at home.


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Throughout pop culture history, denim has made a regular appearance. What began as an American staple for the working class (denim pants were originally worn by labourers because of their durability, comfort and cost effective value) eventually evolved to become an everyday essential. Helped along by the A-list crowd, jeans were first given the fashionable nod by the likes of Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando, and the rest – they say – is history.

We’ve gathered up a few of our most memorable denim moments throughout pop culture to see just how the humble jean and its denim spin-offs (e.g. the denim shirt, skirt, shorts and jacket, etc) became the celebrated wardrobe essential it is today.


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