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Hey hey! Rob and Dennis here, better known as The Boys – stars of stage[fright] and screen – helping to spread the comfy undies word to Aussie men nationwide. But today is not about undies. Today, we’re here to talk about what everyone else is talking about #cleaneating. These days, it’s all fitspo and squad goals and chia seeds (blergh!). Just like the masses, we’re all about staying healthy. Well… one of us is, Rob not so much. But The Brain is totes legit about keeping fit. We dug up a few of his go-to healthy recipes that are sooo quick and easy, you’ll be chucking on a cravat and calling yourself Matt Preston in no time!


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With so much choice when it comes to buying undies these days, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or confused. When this happens, you can easily end up walking out of the store with the same ones you’ve been wearing since you were a 12, or worse – the same style your old man wears. Yikes! Don’t worry – help is at hand! Rob and Dennis, a.k.a. The Boys, are here to explain what undies work best for which situation. From date night to the gym, let them guide you to buy the right pair for you and your boys.


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Hey squids! Rob and Dennis here, a.k.a. The Boys. Planning a par-tay? Schweeeet, can we come? We sure love a shindig, especially one that has a food table or, in Rob’s case, an all-you-can-eat buffet. Party food is the bomb! Those mini-sized versions of all the yummiest food means you can sample everything all at once, casually flying under the radar for a second or third rotation. Whenever The Brain invites the lads over to watch the footy or throw the occasional soiree, there’s always plenty of dude food doing the rounds. Snack your heart out on these epic party recipes…


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It’s been a cool, cool summer – for Rob and Dennis that is, a.k.a. The Boys. Like most of us, they’ve taken full advantage of the hot (and often scorching) Aussie sun by getting out and about, so to speak. Here’s what The Boys got up to this past summer. Over to you boys…


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The Boys are back in town and are facing a new set of challenges. Because, let’s face it – life inside your undies isn’t always straightforward. Between The Brain and The Boys there can be so many mixed messages going on, not to mention the often awkward and unforeseeable situations that can… ahem… arise, such as drying off.

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