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We’re welcoming back Kayana from blog The Central Nest to share the joys and adventures of being a mum as part of Bonds Baby Search 2014. The great thing about Kayana’s blogs are the insight they give mums-to-be on topics that we don’t often think about before becoming a parent. Here she gives us tips on what to pack to the hospital when you’re about to pop.

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And she’s back! You might remember Sarah from blog Sarahdipitiy who featured on the Bonds blog last year. Check out her super insightful motherhood blog posts herehere and here. Since then, she’s changed her website location so check her out here: www.sarahdipityblog.net

In the spirit of Baby Search 2014, Sarah’s got some more awesome mama – and now dada tips – up her sleeve to share with us. Read more


I love the Christmas season with kids. I know. I must be crazy. But don’t you think Christmas is so much more magical when seen through the eyes of your own child? Esther is already excited about Christmas. When asked what she wants from Santa for Christmas she says… presents. It is such a cute answer because I was expecting her to say a Barbie or more Lego. I’m sure she’ll get better at telling me the specifics when she is older.

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Last time around we asked our wonderful guest bloggers for the best advice they would give to a new parent. You can read the wonderful first post from Sarahdipity called ‘Stay True’ HERE. Now that you’re all caught up, this week we let the mummy bloggers go freestyle. Take it away, Sarah:
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