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Ahhh… the Nineties. A time of Sex and the City, cargo pants and boy bands. It was also a time of questionable underwear trends like sausage-stuffing shapewear, yikes! We caught up with Anna Burgess, the face behind our new Comfytails ‘Uncomfytales’ series, to find out what she misses (and doesn’t miss) the most about the decade who brought us the¬†pearl thong…

What was your favourite part of the Nineties?
I was obsessed with the Nineties supermodels. OBSESSED! My school diaries were covered in pictures of Kelly Slater the surfer, Leunig drawings, puppies and supermodels. An odd but perfect combo.

What do you hope never makes a comeback from the Nineties?
I’d hoped that most of the Nineties fashion trends would never see the light of day again but alas, there I was the other day eyeing off a velvet choker in a shop. “Step away from your teenage self, Anna Burgess,” I told myself.

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