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Pat Rafter is about as Bonds as Chesty Bonds himself. The tennis superstar has been a long-time ambassador for our brand and now he’s taking his job as model even more seriously. After hanging up his underpants some time ago, Pat is stepping out at the new foot model of Bonds socks. We recently asked him all about his new gig as the face of Australia’s favourite socks, the Logo Sock.

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Haven’t seen our hilarious Kids Chat video starring Jimmy Bartel, Pat Rafter and Pete Helliar yet? Pop on over here (you won’t regret it, it’s hysterical!) As a new-ish dad himself, we took the opportunity to ask Jimmy a few questions on what being a father (to adorable squidgy-face Aston) is like. Does he spend all day squishing his squidgy cheeks? Find out!

What’s the one thing you wish you’d known about being a dad before being a dad?
That everyone will have a different opinion/answer to every parenting problem. Just relax and roll with it and trust your instincts

Kids surprise us every day. How has Aston surprised you?
Just how clever/sneaky they are. Aston has me wrapped around his fat little finger.

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Bonds Baby Search might be all about the bubs, but it’s also about the parents too. Which is why we’re dedicating part of this year’s Baby Search to all the dads out there or, more specifically, the Insta-Dads! Those proud papas who can’t pass up posting a pic of their precious one on Instagram for the Internet to go gaga over. Nawww.

Case in point: fellow Insta-Dads Fitzy, Hughesy and Pat Rafter, who decide to meet-up for a day of watching the cricket on the couch but instead get side-tracked with daddy duties.


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700x350-aus-dayAussie Day is fast approaching (on the 26th of Jan) and what better way to celebrate the sheer brilliance of our country than donning a Bonds Chesty.

This ain’t an original idea – guys and girls have been wearing the iconic Bonds Chesty on Australia Day for yonkers – lookin’ super cool with boardies and denim shorts.

But this year, we’re asking you to go all out, make something fantastical out of your Chesty.  Remember we did it as kids? Well, now’s the time to get that creative, playful hat on again!

We want you to DIY a Chesty for Australia Day for your chance to win a $200 Bonds gift voucher!


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