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headerAin’t no pressie like a piñata pressie coz a piñata pressie don’t stop.

Who do you love?  Celebrate anyone from your friends, to your family or your lurve interest with a permanent piñata pressie Ms Candy Sparkles’ style! Candy’s pirty pinata’s designed for that certain single galpal – it contains stuff she loves like BONDS’ sleep wear, tasty treats, and a friendship mix “tape”.

Make your own take on the piñata with a different shape by just using a single balloon – make it look like a football, a balloon or heck, even make a visage in your partner’s likeness if you’re artistically inclined.

Choose balloon-size with your piñata pressies in mind so you’re able to fit all the goodness in – BONDS underduds are perfect for rolling up and squeezing into the water balloon based version of the piñata heart – best of all your Valentine can hang your gorgeous heart up as a reminder of your lurve for them.

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